10 on Tuesday

Ready for a good old 10 on Tuesday?!  Let’s go….

1.  RV shopping has been completely overwhelming.  There are the usual challenges of deciding on a layout, making sure we don’t go over budget, etc.  Then even finding RVs to tour – it feels like a full time job all on its own.  No matter what, sacrifices are made in order to live small.  Prioritizing of those sacrifices for our individual family is a lot to figure out.

2.  Jason has been working a ton.  His longest day was 16 hours last Friday.  Between work, RV shopping and school with the kids, we haven’t been doing much else.  I’m ready for some adventure!

3.  I’ve barely picked up my camera lately.  Noticing a theme here….we are in a rut.  I’ve had no motivation or desire to pick it up or edit.  I’m am fairly caught up on videos though, which I love!  I’m only 2 videos behind right now!  Did you see our most recent Space X Rocket Launch video?

4.  For some reason Z takes off his shoes the second we get to a playground.  Even if it’s cold.

5.  That little green jacket has my heart.  It’s gone through 3 rough boys, Jude, Jonah and Zachary.  It’s over a decade old with heavy wear and it still looks brand spanking new!  If there ever was an ad for the quality of GAP kids clothes, this little green jacket is it. It’s going to be so hard to part with it when Z outgrows it.  Jude was even wearing it the day we picked up Maggie and brought her home 11 years ago – that was such a great day for our family.  I’m not sure I am going to be able to part with it.

6.  We may leave Pennsylvania early if the trillions of cicadas invade as predicted.  I am just not sure I can cope y’all.  So gross.

7.   Snuggle bugs.  It’s been chilly here and my bed has been the place to snuggle here lately.  A few days ago Zachary was being loud mid-snuggle and Jude and I were trying to teach him how to whisper.  Whenever he tries, only his lips move, you can’t hear a single thing he’s “saying”.  There is no middle ground between the silent whisper and the OMG why are you so LOUD?!  Anyway, Jude and I were giving him some examples of how to whisper, Z leans in, looks Jude right in the eyes and successfully whispers “I am better at this than you.” HA!  That kids reminds me SO much of his big sister!!

8.  No one tell my teenagers that snuggling mommas and siblings is uncool.  They didn’t get the memo even at 15 and 13 and we all love it.

9.  Speaking of Z acting just like Taryn, I usually take both to the grocery store.  One day last week I took Jude and Z instead.  As Jude unloaded the basket on to the belt, Z got mad and told him he was doing it wrong, that’s not how sissy does it, etc.  Jude just kept on going but Z got louder about it.  Finally, Jude leans in and sweetly says “How would you like me to do it?”.  Z scowls and says “The RIGHT way!  MY WAY!”  Oh my gosh, I though the cashier was going to totally lose it.  He has earned his loving nickname of Tiny Dictator.

10.  We will be in Philadelphia in a few weeks.  Any suggestions on things to see and do while there?  I was hoping to visit the US Mint but it’s still closed to the public.  We have zero planned so far but I’m thinking maybe the liberty bell?  Any tour suggestions?



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10 on Tuesday

1. I thought since I have dusted off the old blog I should post a good old fashioned 10 on Tuesday.  In my old blogging days these posts were a fave and I still love to look back on the old ones.  Little bits of random love and chaos.

2. We’ve found ourselves unexpectedly shopping for a new RV.  Honestly, I’m dreading it – it’s such a process.  Not only is it a time to re-evaluate and dig deep, even finding a rig during Covid times is a borderline nightmare.

3.  Spotted these two snuggling on the couch today….

4. I almost always take Zachary to the grocery store with me and he always gets to choose a snack for the ride home.  He’s just the sweetest thing sometimes and every now and then he will save the last treat or bite for someone.  Usually Jason or Jonah.  Today on the way home he declared he wanted to save some bites of his grab and go pineapple for Jonah.  I said “that’s so kind of you to share Z!”  His response:  “Kindness, it’s just what we do!!!”  OMG I love him.

5.  We had such a great time in the Outer Banks with my mom.  I’m so happy we made it happen.  I can’t wait to meet up with her again in a few months when we hit Cape Cod this summer.

6.  Jude has totally mastered the Rubik’s Cube – he just amazes me!  His record is under 30 seconds and he has taught Jonah how to solve it as well.  Jonah can do it at around a minute and a half.  Jonah just got a new speed cube in the mail yesterday and I have no doubt his time will go down very soon.  They have been meeting with other kids in the campground who also cube and play / solve all day long.

7. Mid grocery store aisle:  “GASP!!!!! Momma! Look! Baby swords! What isssssss that!? “ When I told him they are toothpicks for eating he squealed. Had to buy em and use that night lol.  Using them with corn at dinner that night was…..time consuming.

8.  Jonah has so many friends in our current campground that it has been a challenge keeping him inside to do school.  More than once today we looked away and didn’t notice he’d slipped out to play with friends outside.  More than once I stood at the window and smiled watching him play and live his best life.  Of course, more than once we pulled him back in.  That boy gives me a run for my money most days!

9.  This showed up in my memories today.  OMG his little voice and “I dunno”.

10.  My sweet little pirate after visiting the island Blackbeard called his hideout in the outer Banks.

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Best Shelling in the Outer Banks, Portsmouth Island Adventures

We have been in the Outer Banks for a solid week and have been shelling quite a bit.  While we have had some luck, we were hoping for more.  While in Ocracoke last weekend we spotted a sign for Portsmouth Island Adventures and I called to set up a shelling tour.  Basically, they take you out to Portsmouth on a boat and drop you off for a few hours, then they come back to get you.  It very much feels like a deserted island!  The ride out was pretty chilly but it was a gorgeous day!  We brought chairs, a small cooler, my camera bag, a backpack and some big shelling bags with a few scoopers.  We bought scoopers from Amazon but you can also get them from Petsmart.  It’s basically a litter scooper with a long handle on it.  It totally saved my sore back today from having to bend over constantly (I really need a chiropractic adjustment right now) so it was worth every penny!  This was our favorite shelling bag out of those we brought along.  Captain Wade was really great and we highly recommend them!  I am convinced this is the best shelling in the Outer Banks!  As you can see below, we had big success and we made some precious memories!  Also, my kids were totally fascinated that this island was once Blackbeard’s hideout.  He actually died in Ocracoke and his last ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge sank off shore.  They were convinced if they dug in the sand they’d find buried treasure.  We learned a lot about Blackbeard today!

We found so many shells – my mom is a coastal artist and will ship a box of shells to her home in Alabama to use in her art.

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Ocracoke Island


Today we trekked out to Ocracoke Island.  It’s an hours drive from Nags Head in the Outer Banks plus a one hour ferry ride.  We had so much fun and made some wonderful memories.  We were hoping to score some really amazing shells.  We found some, but it wasn’t at all what we’d hoped for even at low tide.  But!  We did see a sign for shelling tours out to an island and booked that for later this week!  So excited!

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