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I haven’t talked about it much publicly, but the 4th trimester has been very difficult for me.  Healing from a difficult c-section has been long and painful.  Emotional healing, every more so.  I’m not driving yet post surgery, and staying home all the time has been hard with 4 kids under foot.  Even though we homeschool, we rarely stay home all the time under normal circumstances.  By the time the weekend gets here, the 4 walls of this house are closing in on me.  I gave Jason a long list of things we can do to help me feel better, emotionally and physically, and leaving the house at least once on the weekend is at the top of both lists.  So for the last month, we’ve loaded the kids in the car, grabbed a comfy folding chair and a boppy nursing pillow, packed a picnic and hit a few local parks / lakes.  The first trip out Zachary and I stayed in the car nursing the whole time as I wasn’t able to navigate the hiking trails and stairs yet.  I searched and managed to find a few parks with easier access that I could make it to over the following weeks.  Last weekend we ventured out to Inks Lake and I managed a short hike with the family.  I finally feel like my body is starting to function again and getting out in the sunshine is so good for me emotionally.  Plus the kids had a really fantastic time canoeing with Jason – it was the highlight of our adventure.  Jonah woke up the next morning talking about it and tried to convince me we should go canoeing really quick before Daddy had to leave for work lol.  Most of our vacations for this year have had to be cancelled with the added expenses with the hospital transfer and surgery.  While that’s a big bummer, we still want to instill a sense of adventure and reconnecting as a family with nature during the year.  Our kids call it adventuring and look forward to it all week long.

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It’s Official | personal

It’s official. My husband would do just about anything to make me happy. Including offering to get behind the camera and take our kids out in the bluebonnets because I’m still recovering from surgery. I’m not able to work yet and even the occasional 10 minutes behind the camera photographing Zachary, bending, moving, adjusting, is too much for me.  I was sad to miss out on Texas wild flowers this year.

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I’m backtracking a bit here because I realized I never shared our family and maternity session from last fall with Libby Ann Photography.  It was SO windy on this day.  I can’t believe she caught anything of us, crazy gusts!  The location is so very special to us as well, just outside of the birth center that has provided care for Jonah’s birth, our 3 losses and my pregnancy with Zachary.  I made the sash and included 3 little angel charms to represent the 3 little angel babies we lost.  As hard as it is for me to put myself in front of the camera when I’m pregnant, I’m so very happy to have these.  They bring me back to a really happy time, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby boy.

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Zachary is a huge fan of being held.  Setting him down is against all the rules.  Swing, nope.  Rock and play during the day, nope.  Playmat, nope.  So, when I have to take a potty break, this is the scene, the big kids trying to calm him while I take 2.2 seconds to potty.  I think the longest stretch I’ve had that he wouldn’t let me put him down was 14 hours.  I had to remind myself a few times that these sweet newborn snuggles are fleeting!

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daddy daughter dance | personal

We weren’t sure if she would want to go this year.  Or if we’d even be able to swing it with Zachary’s arrival.  I think she worries about being the oldest one there, but once she sees she is not, she’s happy to go back the next year.  I love this tradition and the memories they are making are so precious.  Oh, it was an “under the sea” theme so she made them both crowns of jewels to wear.  Jason opted out of wearing his but I do have some video of him in it lol.

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