old school way of storing and using recipes

2023-08-14T21:12:01-05:00August 14th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, My Family, Recipes, RV Life, Taryn, Traditional Kitchen|

Several months ago I asked in instagram stories if anyone I know has returned to an old school way of storing recipes.  I’ve grown more and more frustrated with trying to find our favorite recipes online, Pinterest posts that are dead links because bloggers quit hosting their site, unorganized notes, bookmarks, recipes in my head I have to share out loud if anyone else is cooking.  So frustrating.  I want to not only make our day to day life easier so we all have our favorites in one place, I want to hand down our food traditions to our kids.  I initially decided on a binder and […]

Dough baby is back

2023-08-07T13:19:42-05:00August 7th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Traditional Kitchen|

Dough baby is back and so happy!  From one tablespoon of dehydrated sourdough powder to doubling and rising in 5 days!  Right after I took this photo Jude made some sourdough pizza dough and it rose again, more than tripling in size. It’s funny because I shared some starter with my friend Amanda a few months ago and they are parked right next to us. When dough baby died, she offered us some of her active starter and it was tempting (easier) but I kinda wanted to see and make sure I could reactivate the dehydrated starter I tucked away, knowing I could still grab some from her if […]

sourdough baby is back

2023-08-03T07:33:36-05:00August 3rd, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Food Is Awesome, My Family, Recipes, Traditional Kitchen|

While we have had a pretty traditional kitchen for over 12 years, I didn’t dive in to gluten free sourdough until late last year.  And then I got hurt.  Taryn and Jason took over care of our “dough baby” as Jason lovingly called it.  We use it almost daily, replacing many store bought products.  Gluten free varieties tend to be filled with equally hard to digest ingredients so I was very happy to get rid of a lot of what we were purchasing.  There are so many benefits to eating sourdough! Because it’s fermented, it’s easier to digest and the nutrients are more readily absorbed.  Acquiring more of these essential nutrients […]

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