Hi!  We are the Stradtner Family: Jason, Lyndsay, Ty, Taryn, Jude, Jonah and Zachary. In 2017 we sold our 2,400 square home in Leander, Texas, along with most of our belongings and bought a 400 square foot fifth wheel RV to hit the road and travel full time with 4 of our 5 kids and 2 dogs (Maggie and Pepper). We longed for a more simple life with less stuff and more adventure.  Our goal is to eventually visit all 50 states!  Our bucket list is long and we love adventure, hiking and national parks!  Lyndsay is a professional photographer and loves capturing all their family adventures, as well as clients on the road.  We hope you’ll follow along on our journey!

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silly family picture of mom, dad and 5 kids standing on rocky lake shore with lake in background | Life In Motion Photography


We left Texas late 2017 and went to Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida (Disney World!). In 2018 we hit the southwest, west coast and pacific northwest before looping back down to Texas for the fall and winter. In 2019 we meandered up the east coast, jumping up to Michigan and across to Maine before heading back to Texas for winter.  Our plan for 2020 is to hop up the midwest before looping back down through Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado.  We might cross over the boarder to Canada for a quick trip to Banff and Jasper.  We hope to winter in or around Sedona, Arizona (maybe??)!

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cute jonah peeking his head out from under a blue blanket. Photo taken by Life In Motion Photography

While traveling the United States I am thrilled to be taking sessions on the road. I primarily photograph families and I am always open to collaborations. Contact me to book a session or check out our itinerary to see if we will be in your area soon.

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brother and sister sharing a cute moment during a photo session with Life In Motion Photography


  • watercolor texas graphic with heart over austin

Now Booking: Austin 2020 Fall Photo Sessions!

I am so excited to announce that we have committed to being in Austin again this fall!  I really want to be here again this year and I am thrilled to share the dates now instead of waiting when everyone's schedule is already packed full (mine and yours)!  [...]

  • sunset photo of boy in kayak

365: Kayaking on Lake Georgetown

Today was such a gorgeous day, it feels like spring here in Texas, not the dead of winter.  Blue skies, 74 degrees and a cool breeze.  Perfect!  The kids and I spent the entire day [...]

  • little boy sitting in red chair

Sneak Peek: Swoon

When he jumped out of the car in his sneakers, suspenders and heart shirt I immediately noticed how happy my little photog heart was!  Swoon!

  • photo of boys playing memory game

365: Memory

Zachary got a Marvel Memory Game for Christmas and he is obsessed with it.  It helps that Jude asks him to play it (of his own free will - ha!) several times a day.  Z [...]


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