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C U R R E N T L Y     W A N D E R I N G

Hi!  We are the Stradtner Family: Jason, Lyndsay, Ty, Taryn, Jude, Jonah and Zachary.  In 2017 we sold our 2,400 square home in Leander, Texas, along with most of our belongings.  We bought a 400 square foot fifth wheel RV and hit the road to travel fulltime with 4 of our 5 kids and 2 dogs.  We longed for a more simple life, with less stuff, and more adventure.

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We left Texas late 2017 and went to Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida (Disney World!).  In 2018 we hit the southwest, west coast and pacific northwest before looping back down to Texas for the fall and winter.  In 2019 we are excited to be heading up the east coast!  Our plan for 2020 is Canada and Alaska!

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While traveling the United States I am thrilled to be taking sessions on the road.  I primarily photograph families and I am always open to collaborations.  Contact me to book a session or check out our itinerary to see if we will be in your area soon.  I also return to Austin, Texas each fall to photograph clients.  Book your session today!

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Find us on Youtube and subscribe!  We post weekly videos about our family and our adventures!  We produced almost 80 videos in 2018 and get excited about every single like, comment and new follower.  Be sure to hit subscribe and the bell to turn notifications on.

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