One of the hardest parts of my injury is not being able to drive and how incredibly disruptive that is to our lives. It takes a lot of running, errands and shopping to keep our large family fed and functioning. Jason’s east coast work schedule has been hard on us too. That means at least once a week we have a super late night of driving a few hours round trip to get everyone a chiropractic adjustment, hit a Costco and pickup grocery orders. We all miss the days I was able to handle these things on my own with a few kids in tow. It’s been so long I honestly can’t relate to that freedom anymore. Yet we all really miss it. This was taken one evening when all 6 of us returned home at 10 pm from running errands and unloading a big haul of groceries. I keep reminding myself this is temporary but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Project 365: 41/365