365 Project: In Memory

In memory of Sophie, Aaron & Buddy. This morning Jude burst in the RV devastated to have found all 3 birds deceased. I don’t know that I will ever forget the broken look of devastation on his face. These kids poured their entire life in to these birds over the last 2 weeks, researching, caring for and loving them. They went from very frail and sick to thriving, learning to hunt on their own and fly. We were so close to being ready to release them. We aren’t exactly sure why they passed, but our best guess is the new live food or supplement – both started yesterday. Now we are navigating grief, loss, anger, empathy, grace. So many tears with these two today.

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365 Project: Bird Rescue


My bird nerds rescued some babies. There are multiple nests in my moms yard and they noticed the parents of these chics stopped coming to the nest. We believe the mother was eaten by a hawk living one tree over and the dad stopped coming shortly thereafter. We waited and watched and they weren’t doing well at all when the kids intervened. Taryn and Jude have nursed then back to health in all the right ways (I wouldn’t even know what to do). They do in a way that’s best for the the birds, I’m so impressed by them. Jude feeds them every 20 minutes during the day. They went from limp and fragile to thriving in just a few days. Now they are chirping and flapping their wings even!

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365 Project: Back to roadschool

photo of homeschool kids on computer

It’s that time!  Back to roadschool!  We work on a different schedule than the typical school system.  It works for us.  And we are SO ready!  It was a nice long 4 month break.  Everyone is excited and motivated – that helps a lot!  This year we started Jonah on the same online program as the big kids and he absolutely loves it!  I’m relieved to get us started and in a routine before Jason’s first day at his new job.

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