Waggie Maggie

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I am so proud of this young woman. She is now a business owner at 18! Taryn is offering pet care and dog walking services as we travel. Many families spend long days out exploring and either have to return before they are really ready to so they can let their dogs out, or take them along with them. We see families looking for pet care allllll the time and this is such a great fit for her! She’s been working hard at building her business, determining services, building a website, she made her own logo and marketing materials, etc. Go check it out at www.waggiemaggie.com!

Project 365: 40/365!

if Maggie could talk

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If Maggie could talk:  “Heard you were thinking of leaving….if I sit on you, you’ll stay!”

Today was a big day for Taryn, she started the application process for an apprenticeship that would be an incredible opportunity for her.  It’s very competitive and a long shot, but we are so proud of her for taking a big leap toward her future dreams!  As soon as she started talking about living somewhere else next summer, Mags jumped up interrupting her application rough draft.

Project 365:  11/365

time to adult

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I was trying to take a photo of Taryn’s birthday sign, but Maggie stole the show.  No one tell her it’s time to adult.  We love that she still acts like a puppy at the ripe old age of 12.

ps – I have decided to go for trying another 365 project while attempting to recover from bilateral adhesive capsilitis.  It’ll be filled with more every day life in the RV, less travel destinations and I am offering myself a ton of flexabilty and grace to pick up the camera when it’s healthy to do so.

pps – Our mantel is filled with travel treasures we love so much.  Shells from the Pacific and […]

Party animal

2021-04-03T21:16:07-05:00February 9th, 2021|My Family, Our dog, Pepper, RV Life|

I sent this photo to my mom earlier and she replied “Party animal” 🤣 We are in full on birthday prep mode over here! Jude turns 13 tomorrow and Zachary turns 4 on Friday! We have some big surprises and big fun coming in the next few days!

Boondocking in the wild

2021-04-09T21:53:47-05:00July 15th, 2020|My Family, Our dog, Pepper|

We arrived at our first “wild” (aka not Walmart or Harvest Host, etc) boondocking spot tonight. The dogs immediately loved it and ran right toward the water. I could hear them thinking “freeeeeeeedom”!!! Ha! They proceeded to scratch their backs rolling around in the grass for a good 5 minutes each. It’s a good day to be a fulltime traveling doggo!

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