Several months ago I asked in instagram stories if anyone I know has returned to an old school way of storing recipes.  I’ve grown more and more frustrated with trying to find our favorite recipes online, Pinterest posts that are dead links because bloggers quit hosting their site, unorganized notes, bookmarks, recipes in my head I have to share out loud if anyone else is cooking.  So frustrating.  I want to not only make our day to day life easier so we all have our favorites in one place, I want to hand down our food traditions to our kids.  I initially decided on a binder and ordered one off Etsy.  It’s so pretty!  But when it arrived we quickly realized it was much too big in our tiny kitchen, it takes up too much counter space while cooking.  I told my mom I was going to switch to a recipe box and she gifted me one that belonged to my grandma, filled with all her old recipes.  I love it so much, having them in her handwriting made it even more special.  I have so many memories of spending summers with my grandparents and sitting at the kitchen counter while she cooked.  This little wooden box was always sitting nearby and my grandma used it daily.  Taryn and I decided I’d use the box filling it with our own handwritten recipes and we’d write out the same ones in the binder for when she leaves home someday.  Our goal is writing 3 a day.  I love the idea of storing recipes in a traditional way in our tiny little traditional kitchen.

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