365 Project: Earning a want

Jude has been hard at work doing extra chores around the RV and for my mom during quarantine.  He’s worked SO hard to earn money that he’d like to purchase a guitar with.  He’s washed the RV (an 8 hour job!), washed the truck, cleaned windows and a bunch of other small jobs over the last few weeks.  He will reach his goal very soon!

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365 Project: Swinging by the bay

We ventured out to the bay tonight for a picnic dinner.  It was so nice to get out for a bit.  There were a few people in the park but everyone kept their distance and seemed just as happy as we were to be “out”.  These kids have been troopers about being quarantined.  It hasn’t been easy but being at my mom’s house with lots of space and a huge porch has helped SO much!

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365 Project: In Memory

In memory of Sophie, Aaron & Buddy. This morning Jude burst in the RV devastated to have found all 3 birds deceased. I don’t know that I will ever forget the broken look of devastation on his face. These kids poured their entire life in to these birds over the last 2 weeks, researching, caring for and loving them. They went from very frail and sick to thriving, learning to hunt on their own and fly. We were so close to being ready to release them. We aren’t exactly sure why they passed, but our best guess is the new live food or supplement – both started yesterday. Now we are navigating grief, loss, anger, empathy, grace. So many tears with these two today.

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