In the moment

I struggle with whether to bring my big camera on simple walks and small adventures. Mostly because I want to be in the moment. The other night I caught a photo of Jason walking Maggie in this spot with my cell and I just had to bring Z back with my real camera before we checked out of this campground. ⠀

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Lake Conroe

Our visit to Lake Conroe just north of Houston brought us one of our favorite spots to date. Just outside our front door was a hill the kids loved. Especially after their dad showed them they could ride their scooters down it. They fished in the pond at the top of the hill allllll week long. And Z loved the field and extra outside time.

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Firsts in every state

This little guy needs a haircut so bad. But I’ll confess I’m waiting until we get to Colorado soon. I’m tracking his milestones by state. First tooth, Arkansas. First steps, Florida. First time running, Texas. First haircut, Colorado. Stopped screeching like an angry pterodactyl….any state he chooses! 🤣

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Houston waterfalls

I didn’t even dress them alike. This is just what they wore this day…

It’s impossible to describe how loud this much water is.⠀

This little guy is walking about 95% of the time now. And he still thinks it’s hilarious. 😂 We leave Houston bright and early, have a week in central Texas and then we start moving really fast (for us anyway)….every couple of days! Eeek! It’s about to get crazy!


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