Learning is supposed to be fun


The other day I noticed Jonah looking sad, working on his letters. I asked him what was up and he quietly said, “I’m not good at letters, I don’t like them.” Well, that’s not going to work, learning is supposed to be fun. So we put our shoes on, put Zachary in the stroller and headed out to soak up some nature on a walk. I told him we were going to make letters fun again! We scoured our campground for items we could make in to letters. And he LOVED it. Once we collected a bunch of items, he couldn’t wait to lay them all out and spell his name. He’s a very hands on learner and I’m so thankful that roadschooling allows us to meet him right where he is.

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One of the coolest things we’ve done yet. I really wanted to book a stay at the manatee state park but it was fully booked months ago. We were thrilled to find this place just a few minutes from our campground. The kids absolutely loved it, such a neat experience!

See the babies?! They were so cute! I wasn’t sure if the kids would like this adventure or think it was boring but we all had a blast. Manatees seek warm water and take refuge inland to find it in cooler temps. There were hundreds! We learned that they come up for air about every 5 minutes and are not aggressive. There were plenty of opportunities to swim and snorkel with them as well. I switched up our roadschooling a bit this time. Instead of learning about them before the adventure, I had the kids research and teach the rest of us 10 things we didn’t learn about manatees during our time on the tour. It was fun to see what they came up with and helped us dive in a bit deeper. We also had them create some artwork reflecting our day. Good stuff.

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