365: Kayaking on Lake Georgetown

sunset photo of boy in kayak

Today was such a gorgeous day, it feels like spring here in Texas, not the dead of winter.  Blue skies, 74 degrees and a cool breeze.  Perfect!  The kids and I spent the entire day outside.  We only came in to eat so Jason could have a lot of quiet time for meetings, work and an interview.  Once he was done for the day we threw dinner in the instant pot and hit the lake with the kayak my mom bought the kids last summer.  She bought it right before Jonah broke his arm for the first time.  Being in a cast we avoided most water outings.  Taryn and Jude asked to take it out tonight and it was super easy since we are staying nearby.  It was the perfect night for it and I’m happy to report they both did great, neither one tipped over!

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365: Warm Knees

The weather was completely gorgeous today.  At 5 pm we decided to have a fire pit dinner.  Jude and I ran to the store for essential fire pit food, Jason’s brother picked up firewood on his way over.  It was gorgeous outside but once the sun set it was pretty chilly, perfect night for a fire.  I love the feeling of warm knees when the rest of your body is cold, roasting marshmallows and stargazing.  It was a good end to a very chaotic and draining week.

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365: Medina Lake

Another cellphone pic.  We hightailed it back to San Antonio after Jonah’s ortho followup so that I can work.  I had an evening session an hour away from the campground.  By the time I got on the road home it was SO DARK on these twisty back roads.  My PTSD tends to keep me from driving at night, too many moving lights.  My nerves were shot by the time I got home.  I was so thankful to pull in!

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365: Boo boo check-in

I cannot pick one photo for today.  I love them both.  Zachary fell and Jonah was first on the scene to console and check the boo boo.  With a slew of busy boys we get lots of skinned knees around these parts.

Mom tip:  I keep a spray bottle of colloidal silver in my purse and hiking backpack.  It is a great antiseptic that works to heal cuts, abrasions, and wounds.  It’s perfect for a little cleaning but the best part is that it takes the pain away super fast!  I use a spray bottle so I don’t have to wipe or touch it because that makes my kids freak out, even on small wounds or scrapes.

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365: 4 pm nap

He climbed up on my lap and fell asleep super fast.  I tried to keep him awake because 4 pm nap means a rough bedtime.  Nothing worked.  He was out.  Photo credit:  Jude

Super thankful for a husband that is always willing to console a woken up too soon toddler who just wants to cry for a bit.  His best trick is to take him outside.  It calms him and has worked since he was just a few months old.

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A good old fashioned 10 on Tuesday

1. My timehop app tells me that on this date last year we were back on the road and leaving Texas for the year.  Our current plan is to be here for another 7 weeks at least.  That’s ok, this is where we need to be, but it reminds me of how much I miss the open road and the excitement of our next adventure just around the corner.  We are not a family that is good at sitting still.

2. When you have been disconnected all day and the WiFi comes on.

3.  Zachary is so much fun at this age.  He will turn 3 in February (?!?!?) and every other thing out of his mouth is hilarious!  He currently replaces his v’s with z’s (which is awesome since his nickname is Z).  So we get gems like “NEZER!” (never), “Me lozes you”, mozie (movie).  He also says ” No ploblem!”  It’s my favorite!

4.  Jude received a window bird feeder for Christmas and while it is really cool, I was a little worried about it because an instagram friend shared they had one and the birds never found it.  We had it up while we were at the Navy base in Corpus for a few days and had zero luck.  The birds would fly right by it or go to the grass below it.  We moved to Lake Medina and look!!!!  One brave little tufted titmouse.

5.  Then, a few days later we had more show up while the big kids were gone with my mom.  I started recording to show them and captured this by accident.  Poor little guy!  The other birds reaction made me laugh so hard at this!


6.  The IAPBP Image Competition is live and accepting entries! Can you believe this is the 10th year of Image Competition?! And it is SO weird to not be running it for the first time ever. Jason and I have literally been feeling like we are forgetting something. I’ve been counting kids more regularly and checking my calendar constantly. A huge part of our life! We are still involved this year and helping as needed but we are not in charge of it all.  It feels so great to see the amazing job that Liz Cook is doing, we are SO proud of her. This competition is better than ever and I’m excited that Liz asked me to be a judge this year! So, birth photog friends, GO ENTER!

7.  Last night as I was climbing in to bed to nurse Zachary he threw his arms up and yelled “PASSWORD!?!”  Ha!

8.  Before my mom left to go back to Alabama this weekend she told me “Jude knows a lot of [email protected]$t!”  Hahahaha!  It made both Jason and I laugh for someone to say that out loud.  Yes, he does!  Most days I am not sure who is schooling who.  He is like a walking encyclopedia / sponge.  I learn several new things from him every single day.


10.  Yesterday I took the kids for a walk so Jason could have total peace and quiet during a meeting.  While out in a field Taryn was sitting on a log bird watching.  Zachary walked over to her and immediately ran back to me yelling “Momma!  Something happened!  Something hurt!  You have to come see quick!”  Sure enough, there was a dead deer about 3 feet away from the log.  Taryn had been there about 5 minutes and never noticed (in her defense she was looking up).  Z sure did though.  Not sure what happened it to but I love that he knew to find help.  There are hundreds of deer in this campground and they will walk right up to you, the babies, does and bucks!


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