Neowise Comet

2021-05-14T21:03:00-05:00July 19th, 2020|My Family, Jude, Lyndsay, National Parks, PPD, PTSD, Taryn|

Adventure! After putting Zachary and Jonah to bed I decided to take Taryn and Jude out to see the Neowise comet. Our campground sits down in a valley so we tried to drive up the road about 5 minutes. We still couldn’t see it so we drove a bit further and a bit bit further still. Soon it was pitch black with nowhere to turn a big dually around. My ptsd makes it hard for me to drive in the dark and it’s something I almost never do. I was in way over my head and near tears when we finally found a rest area to turn around. As we pulled in […]

How hard I’ve failed

2021-05-14T18:25:14-05:00July 15th, 2020|My Family, Lyndsay, PPD, PTSD, RV Life|

One of the hardest parts of PPD is feeling incapable. Learning something new? Feels impossible. That’s like torture for a creative. Being unable and paralyzed when it comes to trying something new. Since we launched in to fulltime travel almost 3 years ago, I’ve tried to learn night photography probably 6 times. Jason would see the struggle and help each and every time. I just couldn’t do it. Tonight, when I peeked out after getting Zachary to bed, I was able to see the Milky Way with a blind eye! I’ve never once seen it without a telescope. So, I decided to try again. […]

The time Jonah broke his arm | Fulltime RV Travel Family

2020-03-04T10:51:29-06:00August 29th, 2019|My Family, Jonah, PTSD, RV Life, Youtube Videos|

First of all, thank you to everyone who sent us love, prayers and support over the last two weeks.  We appreciate it so much!  I’m sorry if I haven’t personally connected with a message or well wish you sent, it’s been an overwhelming couple of weeks.  We just kind of stepped away from everything for a lot of reasons.  Second, before I share what happened please know that it is not my intention to make this about me or my PTSD, I’m actually very hypersensitive to that.  I don’t want my child that is hurting to ever have to worry about how I am coping or handling something.  I just want them to be able to count on me, no […]

Moving on…

2019-06-21T10:08:22-05:00June 21st, 2019|Announcements, Birth Trauma, My Family, PPD, PTSD, RV Life, Seriously SEO|

Huge life update ahead.

10 years ago I had a list of photographers sitting on my desk. I regularly referred to it because after I shot my first birth I started getting requests to travel. I had 3 children at that time, Jude was just a baby so traveling with the unpredictability of birth was not an option.   I used that list to refer clients. Can you imagine writing out every birth photographer you know and having it be less than 10?! As I photographed more births, I received requests from photographers drawn to birth for me to mentor them. Later that year I started a mentoring program called The Birth Experience. It was a […]

It starts with just one post.

2019-06-20T12:15:11-05:00June 17th, 2019|RV Life, Birth Trauma, PPD, PTSD|

I wish that I would have continued to blog when we transitioned to fulltime RV life.  My blog used to be my space and it was so important to me.  Somewhere in all of this, I lost that.  I had to actually scroll way back to see when my last non-video blog post was.  Why I stopped blogging is….complicated.  Layered, I would guess you could say.  Obviously, selling the house and 90% of our stuff, changing every single thing about our lives was overwhelming and writing fell at the end of a very long list.  Especially in our quest to simplify.  Oh how I wish those thoughts and memories were documented.  It was an incredible, hard, beautiful, transformative, time for […]

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