Feb 25, 2008
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I’ve been itching to get back to a more real life, photo of the day, feel to my blogging.  The glorious first two "sleepy" weeks with Teagan are over and he’s starting to wake up a little more (as I type this one handed while he snoozes on my chest – but you guys know what I mean).  So, the fetal position and easy to work with and position newborn will start to fade, and with it, the more formal portraits.  No bother, he still can’t get up and run away from me like the other two just yet, so its all good.

In the spirit of moving on, here is a quick snapshot.  As mentioned in the previous post, Teagan’s fave spot in the house…


He looks so tiny in the middle of our bed.  When I’m nursing sitting up in bed, he lovingly gazes at the art over my shoulder.  Yeah, I’d like to think he’s gazing at me, but I know better.

I’d actually like to do a more cleaned up version of this shot, with him swaddled tightly in a white blanket, facing the camera, with our pretty white euro pillows instead of the ugly brown ones.  But, quite honestly, that would require me to iron the pillow cases and Lord only knows when I’ll actually have the energy to pick up the iron, so we’ll see.

  • Gee Gee

    Lyndsay — you should have told everyone that Jason made that beautiful piece of art above your bed!!

  • Nia

    I’d stare at that artwork all day myself! It’s beautiful!

  • Julia

    WHAT? Jason MADE that? Oh my Lord is he talened! Quite a catch you have there – though he had me when he dressed up in the bunny costume last year!

  • Lyndsay

    Yup, Jase made it. You can purchase one similar at Crate & Barrell but they are metal. We wanted a wood one to go above our fireplace, so Jason made this one. At Christmas we moved it to hang over our bed to make room for Christmas decor and never moved it back. I kind of like it in our room. Jase is pretty talented with wood working – before Katrina – he built our bedroom furniture, a custom room sized desk in our old office and lots of other stuff including a mantel. Once he’s had a nice long break from rebuilding, I’m secretly hopeful he’ll start woodworking again! I think this artwork is the only thing he’s done since the storm.

  • i’m reading this and now typing this with one hand while my little one feeds and my bigger one naps………so yes, i know what you mean!!