lemon balm

2023-09-24T14:41:54-05:00September 24th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Food Is Awesome, Lyndsay, My Family, RV Life|

One thing I love about taking on this 365 Project is I feel it better reflects our day to day life instead of just sharing our travel adventures. There’s so much more to us! Our faith, roadschooling, real food and traditional kitchen skills, herbalism, our daily routines, all get a little space here. We’ve been using food as medicine since our 15 year was very sick as a toddler. It’s so powerful and the world of herbs is fascinating to me. One of my favorite herbs with one of my favorite herbal books! Lemon balm is incredibly healing, I make it by the quart! Lemon balm is great for attention and focus, […]

Suddenly a Student

2023-09-24T14:28:03-05:00September 24th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Life in Motion Travel Agent, Lyndsay, My Family, RV Life|

Classes all day and a late night zoom meeting tonight. Sometimes ptsd recovery and growth means being able to try new things and I don’t ever think I’ll stop being amazed and grateful for that. I have been a mentor and teacher in the last decade plus but it’s been a verrrry long time since I’ve been a student. Definitely out of my comfort zone. I will share more soon! @thegatewayprocess369

Project 365: 27/365

I’ll miss this hot tub

2023-08-09T21:31:23-05:00August 9th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Lyndsay, My Family, RV Life|

I seem to have backtracked this week in both pain and mobility. It’s been awhile since I’ve had so many intensely bad days in a row. Very thankful for this campground hot tub. Jason put dinner in the instant pot last night and we snuck over while it was cooking, leaving the teens to watch the boys for a bit. I’ll miss this hot tub when we head back to Maine this weekend. 

Project 365: 18/365

📷: Jason

Day 2 WCA Cubing Nationals 2023

2023-07-28T21:50:29-05:00July 28th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Jude, Lyndsay, My Family, RV Life|

Day 2 WCA Cubing Nationals 2023 looked like this for me.  I way overdid it yesterday while still deep in recovery from my injury.  I am so frustrated with my body, slow healing, lost stamina, constant pain.  I want to be there every second and my body just won’t let me.  My goal is to be there every other day for a balance of rest and recovery.  So today I texted, watched videos, played the livestream and refreshed stats about 8000 times.  Jude had an incredible day!  He set a new PR (personal record) for clock average and made it in to the finals where he came in 14th!!!  It was […]

the last time

2021-05-30T11:20:40-05:00May 30th, 2021|My Family, Lyndsay, Zachary|

There are moments in motherhood when something happens for the last time and you know it’s the last time.  There are also moments when something happens for the last time and it just slips away, with no announcement or realization.  Like the last time your little one holds your hand when you cross the street, or calls you mommy instead of mom.  It just changes with no warning and you don’t know it’s the last in that moment.  Big kid things just slip in, quiet, unannounced, subtle little changes.  Sometimes, I am not sure which scenario is the most brutal in motherhood.  Probably because they both are?  Tonight, as we put Z […]

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