We should buy land here

We are leaving west North Carolina this morning. The views, the mountains, the waterfalls and creeks, they stole our hearts and we’ve added this area to our “we should buy land here” list. It makes me even more excited to explore the western side of the smokies in Tennessee later this year. For now, we are off to enjoy Raleigh for a few weeks!

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That’s life with kids on the road

Today wasn’t our easiest adventure day. Zachary was in a mood and honestly, just really miserable. We ended up throwing in the towel and decided to head home early. We didn’t get to see and do everything we wanted, but, that’s life with kids on the road. We’ve learned when to push through and when to give up. With the time change we may be able to sneak in a few adventures after work this week. Yay for longer days and more sunshine!!

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Hollywood Studios!

Jude and Zachary’s big birthday surprise: HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS!!! One full day at Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land!! Both were still being built the last time we were there is 2018. Plus this time Z is tall enough to go on all the fun rides. So exciting!! Big thanks to my mom for making us these fun shirts!

We’ve carried these Mickey ears for 3 years and many miles through 30+ states. I’m sentimental about very few things but this was one because he wore them for his first birthday at the magic kingdom. And when Z insisted on wearing them in to this park today, it was worth every mile carried and space sacrifice in our tiny home. He was so ready for a day of magic!

Our very first stop was the Lightning McQueen Driving Academy. This was pretty cool, the screens were huge and while it wasn’t a ride, it was still fun, Z clapped along with wide eyes. We were very impressed with Lightning McQueen, it kinda freaked me out it was so realistic. Z said he wished he could drive though. Our original plan for this year was Disneyland and I hear there’s more Cars there than Florida. We still hope to visit Disneyland someday! Has anyone been to both? I’d love to hear what you think!

Galaxy’s Edge is incredibly well done! So much detail. We loved it!! Jonah got to talk to the storm trooper and we loved the massive millennium falcon. The ride was one of our faves! We also hit Star Tours again and I’m glad we did because it was different than the last time we rode it 3 years ago.

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