homeschool robot week | personal iphoneography

homeschool robot week

Every week I think “this week is my favorite”, but Robot week, wins, hand down!  The best part of this week was watching my kids light up when I told them I bought a bunch of old appliances from Goodwill for them to disassemble and repurpose in to robots.  An old VCR, an old clock radio, a remote control, a coffee pot and a old game controller, all for $20 and we harvested a ton of parts and pieces.  They loved every minute of taking the appliances apart – they were fascinated.  When you add in that we were totally geeking out that Storybots regrammed Taryn’s Storybot artwork, it was the best week yet!  Any week that we have a lot of Storybots is a great week, Jonah is obsessed!

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse John 10:27
Character Self Control
Letter of the Week Nn
Number of the Week 14
Shape Rectangle
Color Silver
Theme / Science Robots
Physical Education Break Dancing
Health / Food Strawberries
Sensory Robot Sensory Bin
Art Tin Can Robots
Story Time Clink
Play / Game Rock Em Sock Em
Movie Wall-E Movie
Field Trip The Thinkery
Additional Resources:  
Robot Do A Dot Printables
Watch Iron Giant
Lots of Bots
Sometimes I Forget You’re A Robot
Robot Print Pack
Robot Dot Printable
Robot Coloring Pages
Iron Giant Movie
Robots Movie
Letter R Craft Kit
Make a box robot
Color Robots
Paperbag Robots
Build a Robot
Robot Emotion Flashcards
Robot Canvas Art


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homeschool camping week | personal iphoneography

camping theme homeschool

This week was about one of our favorite things:  camping!  Actually, it was more like 2 weeks since we ventured out for some real life experiences in a cabin on the Frio River.  We always have a blast there and I took over 1,000 photos with my real camera (coming soon).  Instead of our usual sensory bin, we opted this week to do camping scenes that we made out of paper and other manipulatives.  I love that as the week went on they grew and changed and were moved all around.  Taryn and Jude also painted story stones.  You can see a video of Taryn telling part of her story using stones here.  I think Jonah’s favorite was the pretend campfire Taryn and I set up for him in the living room.  Complete with cotton ball marshmallows.  It was great practice for the real thing just a few days later.  I love that homeschooling gives us the flexibility to get out in to the world more.  To go, do, see, touch, travel and explore.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Matthew 6:24
Character Humility
Letter of the Week Mm
Number of the Week 13
Shape Star
Color Red
Theme / Science Camping!
Physical Education Hiking
Health / Food Almonds
Sensory Camping Sensory
Art Paint Walking Sticks
Music This Little Light
Story Time Curious George
Play / Game Pretend Fire Pit
Additional Resources:  
Handprint Campfires
Camping Story Stones
Camping Printables
Camping Print Pack
Camping Coloring Page
Blaze A Trail
Kids Campfire Book
Camp Out: Kids Guide
Survivor Kid
Guide to camping with kids
Kids Road Trip Atlas
Travel Activity Book
Camp Board Game
Camping Play Set
Camping Memory Match
Paper Play Set
Scavenger Hunt
Buiscut Goes Camping
Amelia Goes Camping

preschool homeschool weather week | personal iphoneography

preschool weather week

We had so much fun with weather week that we stretched it out to last 2 weeks.  We had a ton of stuff to learn and explore and it just wouldn’t fit in to one week.  That’s one of my favorite things about learning at home, we can bend and adjust to what the kids are most interested in.  We bought a rain gauge and use it all the time now.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Matthew 22:37
Character Good Steward
Letter of the Week Ll
Number of the Week 12
Shape Square
Color Grey
Theme / Science Weather
Physical Education Spinning
Health / Food Watermelon
Sensory Weather Bin
Art 3D Rainbow
Music Storybots 4 Seasons
Story Time Clouds Book
Play / Game Indoor Puddle Jump
Additional Resources:
Rainbow pom pom sheet
Weather Flashcards
Rainbow Site Words
Rainbow Pom Fine Motor
R is for Rain
Sticky Wall Rainbow
Rainbow in a Jar
Rainbow Cloud Streamers
Lego Rainbow
Rainbow Scissor Skills
Weather Words
Weather Felt for Sensory Bin
Weather Sensory Bottles
Handprint Sun
Make it Rain Science Project
We Do Weather Printables
Magic School Bus Mystery Rainbow Kit
Felt Board Rainbow
Feel the Wind
Windmill Generator
Everything Weather
Weather Science Kit
Learning Resources Weather Tracker
Kids Weather Forecasting Book
Down Comes The Rain
Everything Kids Weather Book
Felt Weather Magnets
Felt Rainbows for Sensory Bin

preschool homeschool space week | personal iphoneography

preschool space week

Space week was a blast but sort of a repeat for us as we spent several months studying space last school year.  We added in some fun preschool stuff for Jonah to spice it up a bit.  He really loved the big planet space magnets, those were a hit!


Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Psalm 34:13
Character Gentleness
Letter of the Week Kk
Number of the Week 11
Shape Star
Color Black
Theme / Science Space / Planets
Physical Education Jumping
Health / Food Vitamin E / Blackberry
Sensory Space Sensory Box
Art Solar System Model
Music We are the planets
Story Time Roaring Rockets
Play / Game Space Photo Booth
Field Trip Planetarium
Additional Resources:
Solar System Song
What’s Out There
Space Floor Puzzle
Twinkle Twinkle
Inflatable Rocket & Astronaut
13 Planets
Space Number Cards
Inflatable Solar System
The Space Encyclopedia
Space & Time Creation Series
Magnetic Solar System
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preschool homeschool easter week | personal iphoneography

preschool easter weekWe had a wonderful week celebrating our Lord’s resurrection.  The kids really loved the cross paintings and the resurrection eggs (that I found on sale, score!).  We hosted an Easter egg hunt with friends that was allergy friendly and had a blast, so it was a busy week.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Hebrews 13:8
Character Faith
Letter of the Week Jj
Number of the Week 10
Shape Cross
Color White
Theme / Science Easter
Physical Education Follow the leader
Health / Food Coconut
Sensory Christ Centered Bin
Art Cross Craft
Music Jesus Loves Me
Story Time God gave us Easter
Play / Game Resurrection Eggs
Field Trip Easter Egg Hunt
Additional Resources:
Fork Flower Painting
The Easter Story
Celebrate Activity Book
An Easter Gift For Me
Easter Egg Maracas
Resurrection coloring pages
Wet Chalk Egg Painting
Egg Carton Sorting
Bunny Box Bowling
Spring Paper Animal Craft
DIY Daffodils
Envelope Bunny
Bunny Cones
Bunny Bags
Toilet Paper Roll Bunny
Stained Glass Cross
Egg Pom Pom Painting
Egg Carton Cross
Easter Coloring Page
Easter Printables
He Is Risen Coloring Page
The Easter Story Printables
Easter Pom Pom Pack
Easter Learning Pack  

preschool homeschool dinosaur week | personal iphoneography

preschool dinosaur week

Hands down, their (and my) favorite part of dinosaur week was the frozen egg project.  It was actually surprisingly easy to get little dinosaurs in to tiny water balloons.  The kids loved using water droppers to excavate the dinosaurs out.  It took awhile but they were interested and it kept them busy, win win!  And we all spent the week with Storybots dinosaur songs stuck in our head!  And the dino park with homeschool friends was a blast too.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse John 14:6
Character Arguing
Letter of the Week Ii
Number of the Week 9
Shape Triangle
Color Brown
Theme / Science Dinosaurs
Physical Education Stomping
Health / Food Kale / Vit K
Sensory Dino Sensory Bin
Art Dinosaur Feet
Music Tyrannosaurus Rex
Story Time How do dinosaurs count to 10
Play / Game Match It – Dino Game
Field Trip Dino Dig Park
Additional Resources:  
Build Shape Dinosaurs
Dino PreSchool Printables
Dino Dot Marker
Digging Up Dinosaurs
Nat Geo First Big Book of Dinos
Harry & The Bucketful of Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Dig
The Lost Dinosaur Bone
Dinos for Sensory Bin
Dino Cutting Paper Craft
Frozen Dino Eggs
DIY Dino out of paper towel rolls
Classic Beach Set for Dino Dig Park
D for Dinosaur Shape Craft
Handprint Dino Craft
Paper Dino Hat
Dress up Dino Tails
Painting Dino Tracks
Dino Shape Matching Game
Dino Pom Pom Mat
Shape Flashcards
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