Horseback Riding at Tri-Circle-D Ranch, Fort Wilderness

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We absolutely loved our stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness. One thing we read early in planning was to allow for extra time to just hang out at the Fort. I’m so glad we did this because there is so much to do and enjoy! We hit the parks every other day.  One of our “down” days included an experience gift from Christmas for Taryn, horseback riding at Tri-Circle-D Ranch inside the Fort!  It was so much fun!

Jonah wasn’t tall enough to join the big kids on horseback riding on the trails, but he was big enough to ride the ponies. He loved it!

the boys | personal

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Teagan Jude was born on February 10, 2008.  Ty was 10 years old.  Zachary John was born on February 12, 2017.  Jude is 9 years old.  Teagan came home from the hospital on February 15th that year, Zachary came home on February 14th this year.  These photos were taken almost exactly 9 years apart.  Jude looks just like Ty and Zachary looks just like Jude.

Ty Senior Photos | Personal

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Ty graduated and can’t even tell you how proud of him are.  Time flies.  I don’t know how we are here already, but we blinked and he went from a baby to a grown man.  We got to celebrate his graduation and birthday all on the same day even!  After 19 years, I really think he’s taught me more than I’ve taught him.  I was just 2 years older then him when I had him, that’s hard to wrap my mind around!  I’m super proud of him and miss him like crazy – he’s already moved out and is on his own.  His high school years looked totally different than we all […]

Stradtner Halloween 2015 | Personal

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On halloween we stopped by the fire station and they gave us an amazing tour and let the boys sit the in truck.  Jonah was THRILLED.  At the end they got a call and we got to see them off as they sped off with light and sirens.  And can we talk for a minute about how amazing my husband is as Buddy the Elf?  Because it’s March and I’m still laughing!!  Hysterical!  I’m not missing, my costume was pregnancy related, we were set to announce the baby and gender on halloween.  With the miscarriage, I […]

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