365 Project: DIY bird feeder

photo of pinecone bird feeder

Dear new homeschoolers everywhere:

Long time homeschoolers are bored out of their minds too.  This is not how this usually works.  We miss parks, museums and the adventures that usually come along with the freedom of learning outside of a classroom.  Please don’t judge us too harshly when this feels miserable.  We are struggling for the same reasons too.  Long live craft projects that keep kids busy for a whole 10 minutes!  Today that looked like peanut butter, birdseed and pinecone bird feeders thanks to my mom.

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365 Project: Funny face painted rocks

My mom is an artist – that means we have almost unlimited craft supplies at our disposal while we are here! 🙌🏻 My crafty crew loves it! We’ve been painting rocks to hide while we are out on the road this year. Here are a few favorites I created this morning. It’ll be fun to use the #lifeinmotionrocks hashtag and see who finds them and where they end up! Have you ever found a painted rock? Did you keep it or move it and re-hide it? We love finding painted rocks during our adventures!

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She’s a creative

She writes fiction novels (her current book has 22 chapters and counting), she draws, paints, crochets, sews. She’s always creating something. I worried that downsizing our stock of creative supplies would be hard for her but she’s risen to the challenge. Today she made a bow and arrow. A few days ago she made Jonah a fishing pole. Give that girl some string and some nature and she’s good to go.

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homeschool zoo animal week | personal iphoneography

homeschool zoo week

Zoo week fell during a time that it was raining and flooding something fierce here in Texas.  We were lucky enough to find *one* day out of ten where it was a low chance of rain.  We booked our booties up to Waco on that one day and it held off!  Then back home to more and more and more rain.  Thankfully, we had lots of indoor zoo activities to keep us busy while stuck inside.  Thank God for gluten free play doh!


Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Colossians 3:12
Character Patience
Letter of the Week Oo
Number of the Week 15
Shape Circle
Color Yellow
Theme / Science Zoo Animals
Physical Education Stomping
Health / Food Peaches
Sensory Zoo Sensory Bin
Art Z is for Zibra
Music Let’s go yo the Zoo
Story Time The View at the Zoo
Play / Game Zoo Foam Masks
Movie Madagascar
Field Trip The Waco Zoo
Additional Resources:  
Giraffe Finger Prints
Fork Lions
Alligator Bubble Wrap
Playdoh Zoos
Paper Chain Snake
Paper Bag Frogs
Zoo Jumbo Puzzle
Sneaky Puzzles
Hape Zoo Blocks
Zoo Treat Boxes
Safari Stamps
Make a Zoo Stickers
123 To The Zoo
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preschool homeschool weather week | personal iphoneography

preschool weather week

We had so much fun with weather week that we stretched it out to last 2 weeks.  We had a ton of stuff to learn and explore and it just wouldn’t fit in to one week.  That’s one of my favorite things about learning at home, we can bend and adjust to what the kids are most interested in.  We bought a rain gauge and use it all the time now.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Matthew 22:37
Character Good Steward
Letter of the Week Ll
Number of the Week 12
Shape Square
Color Grey
Theme / Science Weather
Physical Education Spinning
Health / Food Watermelon
Sensory Weather Bin
Art 3D Rainbow
Music Storybots 4 Seasons
Story Time Clouds Book
Play / Game Indoor Puddle Jump
Additional Resources:
Rainbow pom pom sheet
Weather Flashcards
Rainbow Site Words
Rainbow Pom Fine Motor
R is for Rain
Sticky Wall Rainbow
Rainbow in a Jar
Rainbow Cloud Streamers
Lego Rainbow
Rainbow Scissor Skills
Weather Words
Weather Felt for Sensory Bin
Weather Sensory Bottles
Handprint Sun
Make it Rain Science Project
We Do Weather Printables
Magic School Bus Mystery Rainbow Kit
Felt Board Rainbow
Feel the Wind
Windmill Generator
Everything Weather
Weather Science Kit
Learning Resources Weather Tracker
Kids Weather Forecasting Book
Down Comes The Rain
Everything Kids Weather Book
Felt Weather Magnets
Felt Rainbows for Sensory Bin
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