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preschool train weekMy kids had a blast during train week.  Hands down, their favorite thing, was using trains to paint.  We put paint on our paper and then used the wheels of the trains to run it across the paper.  The paintings were all so different and the kids had a blast with it.  They also loved their conductor uniforms and the ride in to Austin on the metro.  Definitely a fun week for us!  Even Ty joined in by setting up different train track areas in the house for the little kids.

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homeschool ocean week | personal

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ocean homeschool preschool

This week was all about fish and oceans.  We did a lot of art projects, personal water bottle aquariums, paper bag jelly fish and the Austin Aquarium with homeschool friends.  About 30 seconds after we walked in the aquarium Taryn puts her hand in the water (allowed and encouraged), a blowfish bites her finger! She pulls her hand out,the fish didn’t let go and comes flying out of the water and hits the ground. Taryn is crying hysterically because her finger hurts and it scared her, the fish is flopping all around on the floor, crazy! A worker walks over, scoops up the fish and plops it back in the […]

homeschool preschool farm unit | iphoneography

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farm homeschool preschool

Farm week was a big one for us.  For some reason I have a lot of farm stuff in my homeschool stash.  Plus the crafts and the field trip to Pioneer Farms, we had a blast!  I struggled with items to put in our E letter box, but a quick post on Instagram and followers came to my rescue with a few suggestions!  I added an envelope and an eraser after I took the pic.  We really enjoyed our field trip, but it was COLD.  We only made it about 1/2 around the farm in over an hour but I was impressed the kids lasted as long as they did.  We […]

homeschool preschool nature unit | iphoneography

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nature unit homeschool

This week was all about nature, trees, the earth, recycling and more.  We read a lot of books, explored nature and talked a lot about this beautiful world we live in.

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homeschool preschool valentines day | iphoneography

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homeschool valentines day

This week was all about love.  We made valentines day mailboxes from Michael’s and the kids loved filling them with little love notes to each other all week.  I also put together a ring of paint chips to help teach Jonah his colors each week.  I love this project, it was FREE!  Free paint chips and a binder ring from the junk drawer…viole!

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Bible Verse Matthew 22:37
Character Love
Letter of the Week Cc
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homeschool preschool fire safety week | iphoneography

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This week was all about fire trucks and fire safety.  Taryn and Jude completed the fire safety books and really enjoyed it.  I’m also including photos of our letter boxes that I forgot to include with last weeks post.  They have been a huge hit so far this year.  Since then I’ve added in color boxes and he loves those too.  Our trip to the fire station was a bust due to the station’s scheduling issues….but we will finally get to go on Monday with a big homeschool group!

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