homeschool robot week

Every week I think “this week is my favorite”, but Robot week, wins, hand down!  The best part of this week was watching my kids light up when I told them I bought a bunch of old appliances from Goodwill for them to disassemble and repurpose in to robots.  An old VCR, an old clock radio, a remote control, a coffee pot and a old game controller, all for $20 and we harvested a ton of parts and pieces.  They loved every minute of taking the appliances apart – they were fascinated.  When you add in that we were totally geeking out that Storybots regrammed Taryn’s Storybot artwork, it was the best week yet!  Any week that we have a lot of Storybots is a great week, Jonah is obsessed!

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse John 10:27
Character Self Control
Letter of the Week Nn
Number of the Week 14
Shape Rectangle
Color Silver
Theme / Science Robots
Physical Education Break Dancing
Health / Food Strawberries
Sensory Robot Sensory Bin
Art Tin Can Robots
Story Time Clink
Play / Game Rock Em Sock Em
Movie Wall-E Movie
Field Trip The Thinkery
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