preschool dinosaur week

Hands down, their (and my) favorite part of dinosaur week was the frozen egg project.  It was actually surprisingly easy to get little dinosaurs in to tiny water balloons.  The kids loved using water droppers to excavate the dinosaurs out.  It took awhile but they were interested and it kept them busy, win win!  And we all spent the week with Storybots dinosaur songs stuck in our head!  And the dino park with homeschool friends was a blast too.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse John 14:6
Character Arguing
Letter of the Week Ii
Number of the Week 9
Shape Triangle
Color Brown
Theme / Science Dinosaurs
Physical Education Stomping
Health / Food Kale / Vit K
Sensory Dino Sensory Bin
Art Dinosaur Feet
Music Tyrannosaurus Rex
Story Time How do dinosaurs count to 10
Play / Game Match It – Dino Game
Field Trip Dino Dig Park
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