These are the good old days.  I know I’m gonna miss this evening routine some day.  Their evening routine is pretty consistent.  After dinner they do their chores.  Taryn washes the dishes, Jude puts them away, clears the counters and picks up the floors.  Then they fix a snack (sometimes frozen fruit, sometimes Jude makes a sourdough pizza), snuggle in with one or two of the dogs to watch an episode of TV once the little boys are in bed.  Its fun binging some iconic shows and movies with them.  They laugh in all the right places and memes they’ve seen online are now in context.  So far we’ve done a handful of movies, Last Man Standing, Family Matters, Fresh Prince, The Office, Big Bang Theory and we are currently working out way through Friends.  Next up Taryn has requested The Chosen.  What else should we watch?

365 Project:  13/365