Day 2 WCA Cubing Nationals 2023 looked like this for me.  I way overdid it yesterday while still deep in recovery from my injury.  I am so frustrated with my body, slow healing, lost stamina, constant pain.  I want to be there every second and my body just won’t let me.  My goal is to be there every other day for a balance of rest and recovery.  So today I texted, watched videos, played the livestream and refreshed stats about 8000 times.  Jude had an incredible day!  He set a new PR (personal record) for clock average and made it in to the finals where he came in 14th!!!  It was thrilling to watch him be announced on stage and compete via live feed!  2 years ago when he picked up a cube we never imagined he would be competing at this level.  He has worked so hard to earn his spot on that finals stage and we are so very proud of him.

I will be back tomorrow and it’ll finally be time for Jonah’s events!!