Early morning travel day scene. Goal:  up and out by 8 am!  Reviewing a map, washing dishes, filling our collapsible crates, T directing boys this way and that way, electronics and a cooler waiting to go out to the truck, Dustbuster ready to dust. Sometimes I forget how weird it is that we regularly pack up our house and move it around. After almost 6 years fulltime, we got packing up down to a science. Everyone has their own jobs to do and we have a shared note with a checklist to make sure we don’t forget anything! Taryn is especially efficient on travel days, she gets up and gets it done! 🙌🏻 The real adventure lies in unpacking it all though, you never know what’s going to break, fall or spill. Opening the fridge there is almost always a surprise! Yesterday a bag of flour fell off the top pantry shelf and one of the boys had forgotten to seal the bag. Huge mess waiting for us! Who knows what it’ll be today. It’s all worth it though. Maine, here we come! Again!

Project 365: 23/365