Her Outer Banks Bucket List

Over Christmas I asked my mom if there was anywhere on her bucket list that she had never been, but had always wanted to go.  She immediately answered “Outer Banks, North Carolina” without giving it a thought.  I immediately said, “let’s do it!”  So we started planning this stop and she flew in to meet us here.  We were here less than 30 minutes before we ventured out to the beach in search of shells.  We found a few keepers and I loved all the purple pieces so much.  I’m so happy to spend the next 8 days exploring with my favorite people!  Tomorrow we are taking a ferry out to Ocracoke Island!

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Best friends forever

Best friends forever. Through thick and thin, near or far, up or down, these kids have each other. The teens keep in touch so well I wondered if they’d find new things to talk about in person….they totally did! Their momma and I first met at a garage sale I was having to get rid of all our baby stuff over 9 years ago. Ha! We were “done” but went on to have 2 more boys. Then later we set up a play date for the girls and I am so thankful we did! Their family has been such a blessing to us over the years. By chance, we went from neighbors in Summerlyn to launching in to fulltime RV life at the same time. It’s been too long since we’ve seen them, 18 months, and I pray it won’t be that long again! Wishing them the best as they head out today! We ❤️ y’all!

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