Ty’s New Truck


So this happened!  Ty bought a truck and I’m so excited for him!  It was quite a process with several weeks of shopping only to have each prospect fall through.  We finally found just the right one.  2004 Silverado for the win!  It was a culmination of the people who love him coming together to finally make it happen.  I had to include one photo of his most favorite passenger, Maggie!  And if I’m being honest, I am little terrified of the anxiety of having my kid drive off alone for the first time.  It throws me in to a whole new world of worry and prayer.  My baby grew up, y’all.  He’s matured and grown so much in the last year and I’m so proud of him.  Plus!  He’s dying to run errands, total win for me!  Ha!  Having another driver and set of wheels in the house is going to be so so nice.  He can drive himself back and forth to volunteer, he can go grab that one ingredient I forgot, he can take himself to the chiropractor or physical therapy for his shoulder.  Freedom is good.

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distraction of the day


This has definitely been our most challenging year so far homeschooling.  I knew going in that it would be.  With Jonah being mobile and just super busy, its been challenging for sure.  Being able to teach Taryn and Jude with him underfoot has required a lot of patience and creative distractions for him.  As his attention span get longer by the day, things are getting easier.  Today’s distraction was chalk.  It went great until I realized mid way through fixing lunch that he was drawing on the leg of my black yoga pants.  In his defense, they did need some sprucing up and they were black just like the chalk board!  Ha!

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