Our beautiful daughter turned 18 yesterday. It really is so shocking how quickly time passes. I’m so proud her. She’s unapologetically herself, she’s smart, strong feisty and creative. My husband once described her as a mall pretzel, salty and crusty on the outside and soft on the inside and that’s so very true 😂 I love her soft, sensitive heart so much. I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve argued. Taryn is our resident little old lady. She loves her tea, crochet, reading, dog snuggles, quiet mornings with her bible, avoids noisy little boys and grumbles about all the things little old ladies do. 😂 I am truly proud of how connected and self aware she is. At 18 she’s written 3 books, visited 48 states, built two elaborate mandalorian costumes, mastered traditional kitchen skills, she crochets and uses power tools regularly, she’s researched and absorbed topics ranging from homesteading to falconry to biblical history. Her love of Jesus inspires me daily. Taryn has a curiosity about her and a deep love of learning. Traveling fulltime for 6 years of her childhood has impacted her in so many ways. When I asked her to start working on a resume of her skills and attributes so she can start looking for a job or volunteer position, I smiled reading through it. She so interesting! It was the last thing on her long list made me laugh out loud. It said “doesn’t take crap from stupid people” 😂😆🤣 This girl y’all, it’s been an adventure!