One thing I love about taking on this 365 Project is I feel it better reflects our day to day life instead of just sharing our travel adventures. There’s so much more to us! Our faith, roadschooling, real food and traditional kitchen skills, herbalism, our daily routines, all get a little space here. We’ve been using food as medicine since our 15 year was very sick as a toddler. It’s so powerful and the world of herbs is fascinating to me. One of my favorite herbs with one of my favorite herbal books! Lemon balm is incredibly healing, I make it by the quart! Lemon balm is great for attention and focus, calms anxiety, helps if you have insomnia or digestive issues, fights cancer, regulates blood sugar levels and is a natural antibacterial. Lots of people have asked about this book from stories and I’ll link it up there today.

Project 365: 29/365