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preschool weather week

We had so much fun with weather week that we stretched it out to last 2 weeks.  We had a ton of stuff to learn and explore and it just wouldn’t fit in to one week.  That’s one of my favorite things about learning at home, we can bend and adjust to what the kids are most interested in.  We bought a rain gauge and use it all the time now.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Matthew 22:37
Character Good Steward
Letter of the Week Ll
Number of the […]

preschool homeschool easter week | personal iphoneography

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preschool easter weekWe had a wonderful week celebrating our Lord’s resurrection.  The kids really loved the cross paintings and the resurrection eggs (that I found on sale, score!).  We hosted an Easter egg hunt with friends that was allergy friendly and had a blast, so it was a busy week.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Hebrews 13:8
Character Faith
Letter of the Week Jj
Number of the Week 10
Shape Cross
Color White
Theme / Science Easter
Physical Education Follow the leader
Health / Food Coconut

train week – homeschool preschool | personal iphoneography

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preschool train weekMy kids had a blast during train week.  Hands down, their favorite thing, was using trains to paint.  We put paint on our paper and then used the wheels of the trains to run it across the paper.  The paintings were all so different and the kids had a blast with it.  They also loved their conductor uniforms and the ride in to Austin on the metro.  Definitely a fun week for us!  Even Ty joined in by setting up different train track areas in the house for the little kids.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible […]

Christian Christmas Book Advent

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I have been wanting to do this for years and I finally got organized enough before busy season hit to actually pull it off this year.  I really enjoyed researching and looking for books that have a Christian, Jesus focused, tone to them.  I started buying books in September, a few a week to spread out the cost.  To save money, you could easily hit Half Price Books or other discount book stores.  I didn’t have a ton of time to enjoy the thrill of the hunt so I ordered most of mine online.  I ordered the number labels for each book from this Etsy seller.  Once all the books […]

10 on Tuesday

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1.  Our Thanksgiving was awesome.  I hope yours was too.  If you want details about ours, you can find them over on Finding Our New Normal, complete with menu and photos.  I get a lot of questions about how we eat so I thought a pretty detailed post would be fun.  I will say all those carbs had me running for salad and extra fermented food for several days.  But maaaaan, it was good.

2.  Speaking of good great food, I got an email yesterday from the Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project.  Shortly after that, this happened.  Way cool right?!  That photo was taken at the Real Food Rally in Austin in October.  You can […]

10 on Tuesday(ish)

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Totally forgot to his publish on this yesterday.  It might have something to do with 3 pending blog posts open on my screen right now…my next blog post will give you a good laugh at my expense!

1.  I’ve been in a funk about sharing and documenting my life here.  I’ve been posting here and here and I need to snap out of it already and get back to using this blog for the intended purpose and show it (and myself and my family) some love.

2.  I joined the gym last week.  I hurt.  My knee that has been bothering me for months hurts.  But it feels SO good to be back in the gym.  I love it already.  […]

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