the 10 foot frame update | personal

2016-05-27T16:57:47-05:00May 27th, 2016|My Family, Our House|


5 years ago I had an idea for a frame in our foyer. I wanted something that said “a photographer lives here” because at that time we had very few photos hung up in our home. I was horrible about printing (shame, I know). Thankfully, that has changed and our home is now filled with photos that make me smile. The frame desperately needed an update to add Jonah though. Finally! I’ll miss the pic of Kylie, but so happy to have my Jonah Bear up there! I loooove it! Oddly, the original photo of the frame on my blog has sent more traffic to my website than any other. It’s […]

diy backyard digger construction zone for kids | personal

2014-09-09T20:02:46-05:00September 4th, 2014|Jonah, Jude, My Family, Our House, Taryn, Ty|

diy fun backyard dig zone for kids

After 7 years of living in our house and having our backyard be a boring empty slate….we’ve started a few projects in our backyard.  Ty decided he wanted in on it and build our first project, a backyard digger construction zone for the little kids.  He did an amazing job on it too!  You can see the before shot HERE.  This was a low cost DIY project, coming in at around $75 for the whole thing, including new digger trucks, the wood frame, pea gravel and stones!  And Ty did it all, start to finish, including purchasing all the materials (driving his new truck […]

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