365: His perch

photo of zachary playing with toys on steps

His perch is quite possibly the most inconvenient, high traffic, spot to sit and play in our 420 square feet.  But he’s so cute sitting here playing with all his random favorites.  Today he carried them around in his hiking backpack and took them out here to inspect, play and imagine for a good 45 minutes.  Notice the TWO Buzz Lightyears and the random garlic peeler lol!

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10 on Tuesday

1. Last week was completely bonkers. Every single day had 5 or more things going on. Good things, new opportunities, new SEO clients for Seriously SEO, multiple job interviews for Jason and more. This week is so much more quiet and we feel like we can breathe a little easier. I’m not sure how we got through last week but we did it!

2. This week is a big one for Liz (she bought IAPBP from us last June). She launched the new birthphotographers.com website today and it looks AMAZING! Such a huge and much needed improvement! It’s so amazing that we get to watch IAPBP receive all the love and attention it deserves. And it means the world to us that she involves us in a lot. She asks our advice and draws off our experience. It’s been a super rewarding process working with her.  We are so proud of her!  PLUS, image competition results are coming very soon!! I was a judge and this gallery of work is going to blow you away! It’s incredible!!

3. Jason has not one, but two second interviews this week! Please pray for him! Either one would be an amazing fit but we are really hoping for one in particular.

4.  My sweet Duder is turning 12 in less than a week!  12?!?!

photo of jude

5. A couple of days ago Jude was upset about dinner. He was having a moment. Zachary told him “You need to pull it togetha Duder…this is not a ploblem!” 🤣

6. We spent so much time outside last week. Jason needed a ton of quiet time on the phone and video calls so we kicked the kids (and me lol) outside all day every day. It makes me realize just how fast we get used to being inside too much. That was the norm during our long stay in Corpus due to bad weather and exhausting winds. This past week, while jam packed, also felt like a reset button when it comes to outdoor time. I’m so thankful Texas is having such a mild winter. It’s been high 60’s to mid 70’s and gorgeous – which is so nice. It makes me nervous their summer will be completely brutal though. We need to get on the move before it hits!

photo of toddler by tent lakefront

7.  Zachary’s imagination is exploding!  I noticed Jason acting strange this morning and asked him what he was doing.  He told me he was carrying around imaginary cake for Z.  Ha!  I love that Z gave it to him and that Jason carried it around as though it was real!  I fell for him a little harder in that moment.  Little did I know a short while later I’d be serving pretend ice cream for over 30 minutes haha!  We have a lot of birthdays coming up, guess it is time to get ready!

8.  Yesterday Jude programmed his Cosmo robot to mess with Pepper.  We laughed so hard but Pepper was totally unamused lol.  Cosmo is one toy that has stood the test of time.  Jude has had it for a few years, he plays with it often and always has so much fun with it when he does.

photo of dog with cosmo robot

9. Video proof:

10. Today is a travel day. We are moving from north Georgetown to south Austin. Not far but it is making us all crave getting back on the road. We are SO ready. After 2 years of traveling we are not good at sitting still.  We are really hoping to be back on the road by the end of the month!

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365: Broken Arm News

photo of boys sitting in hospital room on bed

Jonah had a follow up today with his ortho.  The original plan was to remove this plaster cast and put on a lighter fiberglass short arm cast at this point.  Mostly so he would be able to bend his elbow.  We arrived and they immediately jumped in to cast removal.  Something in me knew we needed an x-ray first.  Not their standard procedure but I insisted.  I have learned over the years and 5 kids to follow my instincts.  I lost that ability for a good long time after the birth trauma.  I’d go so far as to say I was completely disconnected with my instincts for a really long time.  Trust them…I couldn’t even find them.  That is changing and it feels amazing.  Anyway, it threw the staff for a loop lol…everyone was confused but they agreed to do the x-ray first.  Sure enough, one bone is growing back and fusing together nicely.  The other one is not.   I am so glad we didn’t remove that cast.  So….not great news, he needs to be in this long arm cast for another 3 weeks.  If it looks better at that point we can move him to a fiberglass short arm cast for several more weeks.  He is a trooper and is handling this so well!  Minus wearing his sling, what a battle!  Now we need to decide if we are going to stay here in Austin that long or find a new care provider in another city.  Our hope was to be on the move by the end of February, so I am not really sure yet what the new plan will be.  It’s hard for me to believe we have been back in Texas for over 3 and a half months already!

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365: I snapped this and cried

photo of boys playing in tent at sunset

Jude is almost 12 and we are in this window of time where things are changing.  He’s not a little boy who plays as much as he used to.  He still does, he joins in with the little boys sometimes, he plays imaginary games, like pretending with Z to kayak off a waterfall (see my Insta stories for that photo).  But it is not all the time like it once was.  It used to be Jude and Jonah playing all the time!  He asked for books for his birthday.  Not a single “toy”.  No legos or anything.  The shift is happening and it makes me hold moments like tonight super close to my heart.  This time, when the 3 of them are all little boys playing together, is so short and fleeting with the age gaps.  Z isn’t a baby, he is big enough to play.  Jude isn’t a teenager, he’s young enough to play.  I’ll blink and it’ll change.  This hit me hard tonight, I snapped this and instantly teared up with my eye still to my camera.

boy in tent at sunset photo

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