new neighbors

2023-09-24T14:33:39-05:00September 24th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Jonah, My Family, RV Life, Zachary|

Our new neighbors have a very entertaining puppy. We all watched today as that cute little thing played with its bowl, chased its own tail and got stuck in an empty fire pit 🤣

We moved from coastal Maine to Cape Cod today. Super excited to go do the couple of things we had planned when Z broke his arm here in June. This is our 5th time here, we just love it so much!

Project 365: 28/365

Zachary’s arm is healed!

2023-09-24T14:18:43-05:00September 24th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, My Family, Zachary|

Praise God, Zachary’s arm is healed! It’s cast removal day after 2 weeks in a long arm and 6 weeks in a short arm. Continuing to travel meant 3 different orthos in 3 different states, one hospital ER visit and a urgent care visit in a 4th state out of an abundance of caution after a fall 3 weeks ago. I’m resisting the urge to put this kid in a bubble today! After the Ortho we went straight to the chiropractor for a gentle adjustment and it immediately helped his wrist feel less stiff. I was sure he’d be excited to go swimming but so far he was most excited to wash […]

early morning travel day scene

2023-08-13T08:17:26-05:00August 13th, 2023|365 Project - 2023, 365 Projects, Jason, Jonah, My Family, RV Life, Taryn, Zachary|

Early morning travel day scene. Goal:  up and out by 8 am!  Reviewing a map, washing dishes, filling our collapsible crates, T directing boys this way and that way, electronics and a cooler waiting to go out to the truck, Dustbuster ready to dust. Sometimes I forget how weird it is that we regularly pack up our house and move it around. After almost 6 years fulltime, we got packing up down to a science. Everyone has their own jobs to do and we have a shared note with a checklist to make sure we don’t forget anything! Taryn is especially efficient on travel days, she gets up and gets it […]

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