365: It’s been a great week Willie Nelson.

We were able to gift my mom a week long cabin stay through our Thousand Trails membership.  We were able to park our RV right behind her cabin, it’s been a great week spending so much time with her.  Tons of games played, long walks and help with the kids (so rare for us)!  We all laughed when she landed in a cabin named Willie Nelson.  She didn’t know that we named our truck Willie and our RV Nelson when we bought both 2 years ago!

2020-01-07T12:00:21-06:00January 5th, 2020|365 Projects, 366 - 2020, Gee, Jonah, Jude, Taryn, Zachary|

365: New Year, New Job

Jason is living that remote job life! A few details: It’s 100% remote contract work for a start up. It’s an absolutely perfect fit for him and his 16 years of experience in the GIS world. It’s super flexible, he can choose his own hours. We are so thankful for that. It’s not as many hours as he’d like just yet but I’m counting that as a blessing so we can also still throw a lot of time and energy in to Seriously SEO. We have some big, exciting, changes coming for Seriously SEO so watch for those soon! Yesterday was his first real day outside of on-boarding meetings. We are so very thankful.

2020-01-07T12:01:41-06:00January 1st, 2020|366 - 2020, RV Life|
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