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365: Medina Lake

Another cellphone pic.  We hightailed it back to San Antonio after Jonah’s ortho followup so that I can work.  I had an evening session an hour away from the campground.  By the time I got on the road home it was SO DARK on these twisty back roads.  My PTSD tends to keep me from driving at night, too many moving lights.  My nerves were shot by the time I got home.  I was so thankful to pull in!

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365: Momma, Jonah Broke

The adjustment in dealing with a broken bone has been a little easier this time.  First, because we just did this.  Second, he is in a cast from the start vs a splint so we don’t have to restrict him quite as much.  Third, Z is already used to being more gentle with him.  Squashing the constant wrestling the first time around was tough.

On the day Jonah broke his arm, I pulled in to the campground to pick them up in the truck.  Z flung open the front door to the RV and declared “MOMMA!  JONAH BROKE!”  Oh sweet boy.

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365: Again

Again. Jonah broke his left arm. While sitting down, no less. Zachary tried to climb in a chair with him and it toppled over. Jonah’s arm snapped in the same spot he broke it in Acadia 5 months ago. Jason was home alone with the kids and I was on my way to shoot a session. He called and I quickly turned around. After our last experience we went straight to Children’s. It was…..ok. Not great but he’s ok and the reduction was successful. He is in a big plaster cast for awhile, then he will move to fiberglass as some point. Total cast time will be at least 3 months this time. If he breaks it a 3rd time they already warned it’ll need surgical pins placed. Praying that does not happen. He was so brave during the sedation and reduction. He said he dreamed about Niagara Falls 🥰 This sucks so bad for him and I can’t believe we are doing this all over again. He’s having more pain this time, please pray for him.

2020-01-20T22:51:49-06:00January 13th, 2020|365 Projects, 366 - 2020, Jonah, My Family|
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