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Lyndsay Stradtner and I am a natural light photographer with 14 years experience. While home is Austin, Texas, my family and I are currently traveling the US in an RV full time. Yes, we sold our 2,400 square foot home for a 400 square foot RV and couldn’t be happier about it! While our initial goal was to travel full time for one year, that quickly turned in to (at least) 3 years. I am married to a really great guy named Jason. With 5 kids (Ty, Taryn, Jude, Jonah and Zachary) and 2 dogs (Maggie and Pepper), our lives are filled with laughter and chaos, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Be sure to check us out on Etsy, Instagram and YouTube.

Fish wish

Going fishing with 4 kids in tow is a lot of work. One line would get tangled and as soon as he untangled it, a line would get stuck in the rocks, or a tree or someone hooked their own butt while casting. He didn’t rest a single second the entire time. But the kids loved it and can’t wait to go again. Thankfully this stocked pond is just steps from our door.

Jude and I snuck out today and picked up a new Cars fishing pole for Z (head up to my stories to see Zachary’s “woooow” reaction lol). He loves being like the big kids and wanted to do everything himself. He was convinced every cast he had a fish. When we were leaving, he sat down, hung his head low and said “I guess I’m not big, I didn’t catch a fish.” 😭 I gently reminded him that it’s not because he’s little, it just wasn’t his day to catch one. And that we could try again. He perked right up. Also, he mispronounces “fish” as “wish”. So every single “I GOT A WISH!” was the cutest.



Nature around me

Our drive in Colorado was breathtaking yesterday. I’ll quote Jonah, who said it best, “I need to put this kindle down and pay attention to the nature around me!” We all did that yesterday. See stories for a few videos of the drive, it was incredible. We absolutely love our state park site for the week and are anxious to get in and explore Black Canyon at Gunnison National Park!

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Santa Fe Skies

I mentioned last week that I was bummed we had to drive through and miss Santa Fe. After breaking down it was the closest town so here we are. It’s actually our 3rd time here and one of our favorite RV parks (Santa Fe Skies RV Park) welcomed us with open arms after a very long day. If you’ve followed our journey from early on you’ll remember this spot as the place we saw incredible pink snow at sunset in the spring of 2018. When we arrived tonight the sunset didn’t disappoint either. I’m obsessed with the skies in Santa Fe. I told Jason it’s as though the clouds have a love affair with the mountains here.

I’ll just be over here photographing the sky in Santa Fe until we can figure out another repair and where we should reroute to. We’d love to catch up to our planned route but we may need to skip a stop or two.

Another day, another Santa Fe sky. This time with a little rain.

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We broke down.

truck with tire off while broken down

If you followed our Instagram stories today you know it was a rough travel day for us. 12 miles in we broke down. Thank God we were able to limp off I-25 to a pull off area that was much safer than the super narrow shoulder. Getting help on a holiday proved to be extra challenging, time consuming, frustrating and expensive. 8.5 hours and $650 later we were back on the road, all of us exhausted. Colorado as planned was just too far for today so we are going to stay put in Santa Fe for a few days to recoup.

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