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I absolutely loved this session, and when I went in to pick which photos to share here on the blog, I couldn’t narrow my faves down.  So kick up your feet and get ready for a long post!  Little Miss A is such a beauty.  Her momma warned me that she’d be a bit shy for the camera so when I got to the location, we took it slow.  I sat down and showed her my camera, she even helped me take a photo.  I also came armed with stickers and bubbles and puppets.  I don’t blame kids sometimes for being apprehensive about being photographed.  You go to the park, meet this new person carrying this big black box and are expected to be on good behavior, make eye contact AND smile?!?!  That’s a pretty tall order if you ask me, so making it fun, comfortable and easy is one of the things I love the most about what I do.  Once we got started, she did so great!

Love that shot of Mom and Dad….how gorgeous are they?!

I love how moody these two are….

This first one cracks me up, this is how she held on!

This one is being enlarged, it landed on my doorstep this afternoon and it’s gorgeous printed!

These crack me up.  She was not happy with her daddy holding the wand, she wanted to do it all by herself in typical toddler fashion.  And she did!

One of the last shots of the day…

Thanks you guys for your patience with schedule changes, location issues and bad weather.  Our patience payed off and I had such a fun evening.  I can’t wait for you to see everything printed!!

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You may THINK the following post and images are about 4th of July.

and fireworks and family and kiddos draped in a flag.

((I’m still amazed Taryn held a sparkler….she’s deathly afraid of fireworks.  It lasted all of 2.2 milliseconds when she threw it across the yard and ran the opposite direction…can’t believe I caught that shot through the window!))

You may THINK that this post is about grown men who love to blow stuff up.

Or you might THINK that this post is about little boys trying to convince the weakest link to give him some yummy dessert before dinner.

Or you may even THINK that this is about my birthday and the gorgeous cupcake pops Alli and her family kindly made me a la Bakerella.  ((Just for the record, Mike actually lit a sparkler in the house in lieu of a candle.  it smoked us out LOL…that’s alright, 34 candles might have had the same results!))

But you would be WRONG.

These are Alli’s labor photos.  There are no photos of beeping monitors or long papers falling to the floor giving credit for contractions or of Mike and Alli holding hands as labor progresses.  She’s been making progress for weeks and we feared it would go fast once things got moving, but we had no idea just how fast.  When we left their house at 10:30 last night I mentioned to Jase that Alli had either over done it that day or she was going into labor very soon, because she had that look about her.  She may even eventually forgive him for his comment referencing a catcher’s mitt LOL.  A few hours later, we got the call and after a few frantic phone calls and some speeding down 183 and Mopac, we all arrived just barely in time.  From the time I pulled into the hospital parking lot, to the moment Jack took his first breath, was right around 12 minutes.  And although I don’t know exactly what time they arrived, I do know they hadn’t been there too much longer than me.  So we’ll jump straight from fireworks and kiddos to the “what the hell do you mean I’m not getting an epidural” shot followed closely with the moment of Jack’s birth.  She did so amazing and it was so special photographing a birth for a family we are so connected to.  I got to see his first breath, and the look of complete love and adoration on Lily’s face the first time she met him.  I got to see Teagan’s best friend come into this world.  I will go ahead and admit that I cried no less than half a dozen times today, so many beautiful moments for a family we think the world of and are so, so thankful for.  You’ll be seeing a lot of Jack in the coming days, I’ve already prepared them for my obnoxious constant presence with my camera over the next few weeks.  He’ll be one well photographed little man.

Alli, Mike & Lily, we are so thrilled over the arrival of Jack.  We are thankful that he is healthy and that you are all doing so well.  What an incredible blessing.

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the birth of audrey | austin birth photographer lyndsay stradtner

I know I’ve said it all before, each birth is so amazing, each one is so different.  And it is true.  I am so thankful to have been invited to share in this birth experience.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but most of my birth clients are either 2nd, 3rd or 4th+ time moms.  I think it’s because first time moms have a fear of the unknown, not knowing what to expect, how they will react, would make anyone anxious about having it photographically documented.  But what 2nd+ time moms know, and this is the reason they make up a large amount of my clientele, is that you will forget.  You think you won’t, but you will.  The memories will fade as time passes.  And that is heartbreaking.  And unfair.  When I think back to when Ty was born, it quickly becomes apparent that most of my memories of that day are based on snapshots that were taken.  Those simple snapshots evolved into being what I remember of that day.  12 years is a long time and I soooooo wish I could go back and have it documented.  I would do anything to have that chance.

Today, I am so proud of, and excited for this family that hired me to photograph their first born.  Because they get it.  They will never experience that heartbreak of forgetting the little details of their day, like so many of us have.  I’m so proud of this slideshow, looking at the images I see something new each time.  There is a depth to them, the emotions, the shadows, the expressions, the love hanging out in the backgroud out of focus, the looks of love and support between mom and dad, that get me.  The little wrinkles and the pout and just all the details that made me fall in love it this entire birth experience.

Click here to view The Birth of Audrey

Thank you M Family for allowing me to capture your birth experience AND for letting me share it.

If you are pregnant and interested in having your birth birth photographed, please visit The Birth Experience website or contact me directly at [email protected]  I recently opened up several additional spots in 2009 and have quite a few left in 2010.

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tommy | austin newborn photographer

After my first session early this morning I stopped by MC’s to take some official newborn photos of their new little guy and beautiful family.  At only 4 days old, he was a dream, soooooo sleepy and let me do whatever I wanted.  He put his feet like this all on his own, isn’t he fabulous?!?!

I know his momma will be taking tons of beautiful photos of him in the days to come, but I was so happy to capture some of them together (don’t worry, we have some of Jack too!).  Check out those wrinkles, I’m a sucker for wrinkled little babies….

Thanks for having me over my friends, I couldn’t be more thrilled for you.

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bet you can’t guess who this is?! | austin family photographer

It’s the beautiful Maddie-Rose!  Her birth experience is one of the most viewed slideshows I’ve ever posted at over 7,700 hits.  (I knew it was a lot Noelle but had no idea is was that many until I checked when I got home!)  Can you even believe how big she is??  Just shy of 3 months, I can’t get over it!  We also got some great shots of the rest of the family.

Noelle & Brad, I know when Cash is grown and you guys think back to this time in your lives, his trains will stand out in your mind.  I just had to post this shot of him in your sneak peek, he’s so cute the way he loves them so much!  Thank you for having me over to photograph your beautiful family this morning, you made me feel right at home in the beautiful space you live and love in.  I can’t wait to show you more!

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today | austin birth photographer

I’ll be out of pocket today photographing a birth.  Clients if you need to reach me please either drop me an email or leave me a voicemail and I’ll get back to you just as soon as I can.

If anyone was keeping track in the comments below, MC graciously accepted Alli’s offer of victory and then proceeded to go into hard labor.  Love it!  And I’m so thankful I get to be here with them today…..

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