It’s the beautiful Maddie-Rose!  Her birth experience is one of the most viewed slideshows I’ve ever posted at over 7,700 hits.  (I knew it was a lot Noelle but had no idea is was that many until I checked when I got home!)  Can you even believe how big she is??  Just shy of 3 months, I can’t get over it!  We also got some great shots of the rest of the family.

Noelle & Brad, I know when Cash is grown and you guys think back to this time in your lives, his trains will stand out in your mind.  I just had to post this shot of him in your sneak peek, he’s so cute the way he loves them so much!  Thank you for having me over to photograph your beautiful family this morning, you made me feel right at home in the beautiful space you live and love in.  I can’t wait to show you more!