I know I’ve said it all before, each birth is so amazing, each one is so different.  And it is true.  I am so thankful to have been invited to share in this birth experience.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but most of my birth clients are either 2nd, 3rd or 4th+ time moms.  I think it’s because first time moms have a fear of the unknown, not knowing what to expect, how they will react, would make anyone anxious about having it photographically documented.  But what 2nd+ time moms know, and this is the reason they make up a large amount of my clientele, is that you will forget.  You think you won’t, but you will.  The memories will fade as time passes.  And that is heartbreaking.  And unfair.  When I think back to when Ty was born, it quickly becomes apparent that most of my memories of that day are based on snapshots that were taken.  Those simple snapshots evolved into being what I remember of that day.  12 years is a long time and I soooooo wish I could go back and have it documented.  I would do anything to have that chance.

Today, I am so proud of, and excited for this family that hired me to photograph their first born.  Because they get it.  They will never experience that heartbreak of forgetting the little details of their day, like so many of us have.  I’m so proud of this slideshow, looking at the images I see something new each time.  There is a depth to them, the emotions, the shadows, the expressions, the love hanging out in the backgroud out of focus, the looks of love and support between mom and dad, that get me.  The little wrinkles and the pout and just all the details that made me fall in love it this entire birth experience.

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Thank you M Family for allowing me to capture your birth experience AND for letting me share it.

If you are pregnant and interested in having your birth birth photographed, please visit The Birth Experience website or contact me directly at lstradtner@mac.com.  I recently opened up several additional spots in 2009 and have quite a few left in 2010.