I absolutely loved this session, and when I went in to pick which photos to share here on the blog, I couldn’t narrow my faves down.  So kick up your feet and get ready for a long post!  Little Miss A is such a beauty.  Her momma warned me that she’d be a bit shy for the camera so when I got to the location, we took it slow.  I sat down and showed her my camera, she even helped me take a photo.  I also came armed with stickers and bubbles and puppets.  I don’t blame kids sometimes for being apprehensive about being photographed.  You go to the park, meet this new person carrying this big black box and are expected to be on good behavior, make eye contact AND smile?!?!  That’s a pretty tall order if you ask me, so making it fun, comfortable and easy is one of the things I love the most about what I do.  Once we got started, she did so great!

Love that shot of Mom and Dad….how gorgeous are they?!

I love how moody these two are….

This first one cracks me up, this is how she held on!

This one is being enlarged, it landed on my doorstep this afternoon and it’s gorgeous printed!

These crack me up.  She was not happy with her daddy holding the wand, she wanted to do it all by herself in typical toddler fashion.  And she did!

One of the last shots of the day…

Thanks you guys for your patience with schedule changes, location issues and bad weather.  Our patience payed off and I had such a fun evening.  I can’t wait for you to see everything printed!!