Little guy is on the move and walking, man it seemed like that happened so fast!  It was so fun to see him take off!  Thankfully, slowed down just a bit for a shot with his big brother!


Isn’t she just the cutest?! Yup, she is!



This is the smile we get when saying “SHOW ME YOUR MUSCLES!”  Ha!


Oh my, she is just dreamy.  And she absolutely LOVED having her photo taken tonight.


These two little loves stole my heart this evening!  And this one, I just have to share….it makes me wish I was 4.5 (that .5 is VERY important!) and skipping my way through my day with glee….


austin family and pet photographer

Ms. Carmen was so excited for her photo shoot this year because she got to bring Fred along!  She rescued him from Austin Pet’s Alive and just adores him.  How sweet are they together?!


Fist bump! Threenager! Represent!

My baby is 3!


These two. Let’s just say the honeymoon is over. There’s a power struggle going on under the surface to see who is in charge. I’ll dare to say it changes minute to minute lol! They adore one another though so the fact that the honeymoon is over cracks me up!


Oh Pepper. Taryn wanted Pepper to go tubing with her just like Maggie goes tubing with Ty. Pepper was more than happy to participate if it meant she could get out of the freezing cold frio river.


Camping. Fresh air. Room to breathe, reflect, heal, pray. We all need this right now.



This pumpkin patch has been a tradition since Jonah was just a few days old. We snuck this trip in during a break in the rain when Ty was off work.