He will do any job if it means he gets to use the water bottle sprayer.  Cute little squirt.  And see that sunshine?!  So, so nice here today.  60 degree and the sun came out for the first time in weeks, it was glorious to get outside and soak it up.


We’ve spent the last 2 weeks purging our house.  We have too much and it was time to clean out.  Today we tackled the kids playroom / classroom.  School starts is just over a week for us (we homeschool from January to September).  That little cheese face cutie up there will be joining in on the school fun this year with his own early pre-school.  In addition to purging, I’ve been lesson planning like a crazy person.  From farm animals to physics, our age gaps keep it interesting.  After a big purge in the classroom today we will start pre-k, 2nd grade, 4th grade and 11th grade in about a week!  Two feet first and a smile on my face.  Slightly less cheesy smile than Jonah’s though ;)


Jason and Jude both got fancy new guitars and lessons for Christmas.  This little guy commandeered Taryn’s old, small, guitar shortly thereafter.  He plays with it for hours each day, even dragging it behind him.  He knows how to hold it correctly even though it’s a little too big, his little arm coming down to strum is so cute when he does it right.  But when he’s tired at the end of the day, it gets propped up on his chair so he can sit, strum and relax.


Living room fort dweller.

Imagine my surprise yesterday while standing at the kitchen island, to look up and see a little floating head on the other side of the bar.  A bar that is over 4 feet high.  A little head that is nowhere near 4 feet high.  He thought it was hilarious to get up and see (touch) all the things out of his usual reach.  Nosey little stinker.



I think it’s safe to say Peanut stole the spotlight during this session.  The sunglasses, the bow tie.  Small, but in charge.  Rachel is beautiful inside and out, it was fun to finally get to meet her after “knowing” her for several years online.  She’s a wonderful newborn care specialist and nanny here in Austin!


He loves chiropractic adjustment day each week. He’s been getting adjusted since he was just hours old. He’s so cute, he climbs up on the big table, face down, arms dangling, ready, it’s the cutest thing ever. This shot was taken just as he was saying “My like your necklace.” Our chiropractor is Dr. Tracie Schwab at Backbone Chiropractic. She’s been adjusting our family for wellness for almost 5 years now, since the height of Jude’s vaccine injury. We just adore her, she’s the best.


I usually meet up with this family each fall and we got for a modern, urban location.  This year, they decided to mix it up a bit and we met up at Green Pastures.  They were nice enough to give us use of the grounds before they opened and it was just lovely.  Of course we had to do some of Carmen walking Mathilde, it’s tradition!  My favorites of their whole session are the last two, especially the one of Carmen petting her between the ears.  Puppy love.


Every day when Jonah wakes up from his nap time, the older kids clamor for the first hug and snuggle.  He’s all warm and bear like, wanting to snuggle and wake up slowly.  Usually, Taryn is the first on the scene, ready to scoop him up and collect her snuggle time.  But today, Duder won.


She devours every book we give her.


Rinse.  Repeat.


I love love love the Carberry family!  This year, we decided to start their session at the Austin wall, just outside of Roadhouse Relics.  I thought someone was coming out to run us off the property, when something amazing happened!  We were invited to continue our session in the backyard grounds of Roadhouse Relics.  It’s such a cool place and totally the style of this family.  It was such a fun turn of events and we all had a blast exploring!  At the end of their session Allyie asked me if I’d photograph the Christmas party she had planned….oh my gosh y’all….wait until you see….so FUN!