These two kiddos have a very sweet relationship.  I love capturing them together.  This day was super windy, but we still got some wonderful memories captured!


The morning of this session was freezing!  And I was hobbling around in my not so fancy moon boot.  We were all kind of a mess but it totally worked out and we caught some beautiful shots of Tino and Taryn.  That shot up top with the tear just steals my heart.  I love smiling and happy photos, but the ones that tell the story of real motherhood and childhood, get me every single time!


5 years ago I had an idea for a frame in our foyer. I wanted something that said “a photographer lives here” because at that time we had very few photos hung up in our home. I was horrible about printing (shame, I know). Thankfully, that has changed and our home is now filled with photos that make me smile. The frame desperately needed an update to add Jonah though. Finally! I’ll miss the pic of Kylie, but so happy to have my Jonah Bear up there! I loooove it! Oddly, the original photo of the frame on my blog has sent more traffic to my website than any other. It’s had almost 400K pins from Pinterest and we still, 5 years later, get almost weekly requests from people wanting Jason to build them one. If he could figure out how to ship it, he’d probably do it!


This little guy was so charming!  I was so impressed with him!  And would you believe me if I told you that at the ripe age of 2 he has a killer golf swing?!  He totally does, with a real kid sized golf club!  Like I said, impressed!  He even shoot my hand like a little man when it was time to head home.  Swoon!


This dashing little red head stole my heart this evening.  First, he has THE cutest pout in the history of ever.  I couldn’t stop smiling while he was crying!  And he rebounds from the pout so quickly and throws out the most adorable smiles!  Seriously, just the cutest!!


Baby Bowen is already 3 months old and he’s just darling!  He’s changed and grown so much in just 3 short months!!  The chub, the cheeks, the chins, we caught it all this morning…..swooooon!!


It’s tradition to capture these beautiful people playing in the bluebonnets.  Their energy and laughter are just my favorite!

Sometimes it’s the serious ones….


and sometimes it’s the smiling ones….


that are my faves.


I have been so honored to photograph Libby’s family through the years.  I have been able to do each of the boys’ newborn sessions and so it was really special to get to do a 3rd newborn session for their newest addition, Joshua!  It feels like yesterday that I was photographing Will as a newbornThen Jack and now baby boy #3!  Libby is an amazing photographer and really excels at posing sweet newborns (she did Jonah’s session) and so we really wanted a more lifestyle feel to these, getting her in front of the camera a lot.  I just love the photos of her with her sweet little guy.  And that last photo of Jackson, oh my goodness, so funny!  He’s really embracing his promotion to middle child lol!  Libby and Greg, you are blessed with such a beautiful family and I’m so thrilled for you guys!  I am so thankful for your friendship, your prayers, your support, always lending an ear when I need one, and the many beautiful memories you’ve captured for my family over the years.  I am so blessed by your friendship!


When Libby had Joshua I offered to go up to the hospital and do a Fresh 48 session for her.  She’s also a photographer and we often swap sessions.  She decided to keep it to just her, Greg and Joshua knowing we’d get photos of the boys together at their newborn session.  It was so fun to share these with her, she messaged me right back and said “I had no idea how much these would mean to me!”  I love that.  I think so many mommas feel that way and it’s one of the reasons I love my job so very much.  Joshua changed so much in just the few days between his Fresh 48 and newborn session.  I’m pretty sure he got even cuter….if that’s possible!


I could not wait for this session….I was so curious to meet Bowen and see if he looks just like his big sister.  At first I thought they look pretty different, but my goodness, thumbing through their proofs I think they look so similar!  It’ll be really interesting to see how much he’s changed in just a few weeks at his next session.  Congrats M family!  I’m so thrilled your baby boy is in your loving arms!