Mar 11, 2015


I’m currently working up updating and freshening up a few things with the business, including a new pricing guide.  I thought I’d come share a few fluff photos including my new jump drives from USB Memory Direct.  I absolutely love them!


I was off witnessing and photographing the miracle of birth today.  Ty held down the fort, handled homeschool and nap time and snacks and all that comes with the chaos of this house.  It can be hard to come home, pick up my camera and find inspiration after witnessing so many beautiful moments all day long and using up my creative tap.  Thankfully, these two yahoos above made it easy to quickly grab my photo of the day when I made it home just in time for dinner, bath and bed.


So.  This is happening.  Slightly against my will.  Last night after baths Jonah was running around without clothes on as usual.  He stopped Jude and told him he needed to go potty.  Jude said “ok, come on, let’s go…” and took him.  A minute later I hear cheering from the bathroom.  That’s the first time he’s ever told someone and the first success!  My first thought is that Jude just landed himself a JOB!  Ha!  I was hoping to wait until it warmed up a bit when it’ll be easier to have him running around with less clothing on.  Plus, we just aren’t in a rush.  But if he’s feeling ready we will go with it.  He’s gone 2 more times today.  I’ll admit, I’ll miss his little fluffy cloth diaper butt.  That’s easy for me to say since I’m not the one to wash all the CD’s, Jase does it.  My baby is growing up y’all.


Our view at dinner. The dogs under the table while we eat drive us all crazy so out they go. This little old lady will be 18 soon. She’s fading fast and we won’t have much longer with her. I can’t wrap my mind around that. Not even a little bit.


A Saturday out just running errands, lunch and a pedicure with my girl. I love soaking up the time for just the two of us. It’s quiet, calm, happy, pleasant. No bickering with the boys. We laugh. A lot. It feels easy. In between stops we’d either chat or she’d read. We must have had quite a few stops because she finished this book and started another.


Aquarium visit with some homeschool friends today.


After a rough start to our homeschool day, we redeemed it by cutting and painting and crafting this evening. We made paper bag jelly fish and personal aquariums. Thankfully, we are done with school for the week and get to spend tomorrow with friends at the aquarium.


Feeling dark and dreary today. I didn’t even know our next Chatbook arrived until I found these two midway through it. They know what the package looks like and dive in every time a new one arrives. They love our Chatbooks, it’s the best thing I’ve done to get photos off my phone and in their hands.


A few minutes before we were supposed to leave for the chiropractor Ms. T decided to do some painting.  She used water colors and a blotting technique.  This is her thing, her element.  She ended up gifting it to our chiropractor.  If you are a patient of Backbone in Cedar Park, you can see it on display at the front desk!  Click over to instagram to see the final piece.  Now to convince her to paint one for me, I want one just like it for my spring mantel.


Found this little squish face playing Legos in Jude’s room today.


Captain Awesome, heading out to run errands with his Daddy in tow.


I just adore Colleen, Luke and the boys!  I’ve been photographing them for quite a few years now and it’s always fun!  They have an energy they bring to the session that always means laughter and fun captures.  I’ll never tell which one tooted and caused the biggest smiles lol!  I’m exciting that for 2015 they chose a spring session – it’ll be a fun change of pace this year for sure.  And it means I get to see them soon!