My mom is back in town and this guy couldn’t be happier about it! Let the month of birthdays begin! I’ll be 40, my mom 65 and Taryn will turn 10! Bring on the cake!


When I heard the news that Governor Brown signed SB277 in to law today, I hit my knees and prayed. As the mother of a child who went through years of pain from a severe vaccine injury and viral vaccine induced demyelination, I think it’s inexcusable for the government to strip away the parents right to choose what is best for their particular child. Where there is risk, there must be choice. This isn’t just about vaccines, this is about human rights and forced medication/medical procedures. There will be no religious exemptions in California. To receive an education in the public or private school systems, you must inject your child with aborted fetal cells. Religious liberties? No more. Parent’s right to choose what is best for the child? Nope, no more, the government knows what is best for your individual child better than you or your doctor. Forced vaccination is NOT personalized health care – it’s one size fits all and my son is a perfect example of how that fails. Jude’s injury and pain is fresh on my mind today. My heart aches for what will come in California.

Just before naptime today I was taking a few photos of Jonah for my 365 Project. Suddenly I see this through my viewfinder. He was praying for “Cawee-forna”.


No picture momma, my tired.


Night night Mags.


The sweetest spaghetti face I ever did see.


Lemonade stand success.


My heart.


This little guy was so sweet and calm for his photographic debut this morning – he rocked it!  And one more with his parents…..it’s safe to say they absolutely adore him!


Congrats again Nicole and Jesse, he’s just adorable!


Overheard these two discussing why farts are invisible today.  Oh the joys of potty training!

Ha!  Jase moved the potty chair out of our master bath for the day since I was at a birth all night and sleeping in our room.  Why it landed in the classroom instead of our other bathroom, I have no idea, but I’m so glad it didn’t.  Their conversation was hysterical and luckily I had my camera nearby.  Love these two and their relationship.


Taryn and Jude have been very busy planning and executing their own business.  Taryn has focused on selling lemonade, Jude has been focused on dried pineapple rings.  After all their planning they finally had their sale yesterday.  They made $17 selling their products in our driveway!  I was totally impressed!

ps – I got called away to photograph a birth yesterday and overnight.  When I got home today I captured these of Taryn to represent their day since I was not here.  I was totally bummed Jase forgot to take a picture of their table set up.


I photographed the birth of their first child back in 2010.  In 2012, several of their birth images were published in Baby Talk Magazine (you can see them here).  I was beyond thrilled when they contacted me to see if I was available to photograph this birth for them as well.  This little beauty was born via a beautiful VBAC.  This momma did such a wonderful job laboring and trusting her body.   Ms. Viola was a gender surprise, which is always so exciting!  My guess was boy, totally wrong!  This birth was filled with so many beautiful little moments and I was so happy it worked out for me to be there with them again.  Congrats again on the birth of your beautiful daughter!


We had us a Monday.