modern lifestyle austin family photos

This little guy stole my heart!  I don’t think he could be any happier!  This family lives downtown so an urban session was just the right fit for this little guy.  I looooove the ones of him loving on his momma and patting her on the head, classic!  And you know I had to capture that one sweet little curl behind his ear at the end.  It was to die for!

birthday party photography austin

Allyie is an amazing party planner, she focuses on the details and does everything possible to make the guests comfortable and that they have a great time!  She totally rolled with the punches with a last minute venue change due to rain but it all worked out and the kids had a blast!  Happy Birthday Jack!


I’m obsessed with that little freckle on his right index finger.  He likes it too and often points it out.


*Someone* needed 3 baths today.  I don’t want to be accused of dog shaming, so I won’t name any names.


This big kid packed his stuff and moved in to Jude’s room last night. He’s been in our bed since about 5 minutes after he was born so it was a big step for all of us. They did great though!


The moon was glorious as I was leaving my session today.  Big orange moons mean fall is near.  I’m ready.


This smarty pants finished the 2nd grade two weeks early!


She’s totally smitten with Taryn and her favorite spot is to be carried around in her arms.


Chillest dog ever with the not chillest toddler ever.


I promise to move on from puppy photos eventually.  She’s definitely stealing the show around here.


Jude decided to take an interest in architecture so these two spent the morning city planning.