I first met this family when I photographed Savannah as a newborn back in 2011.  I was so excited when they contacted me to say they were expecting again and it was another sweet baby girl.  Charlotte was just a dream to photograph, so calm and happy.  This gallery definitely includes some of my favorite shots from 2014!


This family is so special to me.  I was blessed to be able to photograph the birth of their 4th child, John, a few years ago.   Since then, they went on to have another baby, a girl.  They wanted this session in their home because they were about to move.  Their baby girl was born right by the window in their bedroom.  Their children have grown and laughed and loved within the four walls of this home and they wanted to say goodbye to it with printed memories, just as they are today.  The last photo, with Jude showing me his muscles, so funny.  To fully appreciate it, I’m going to share a quote from their client survey, where Kelly included this when telling me about her children:  “Jude: he’s so naughty he sparkles, crooked grin & glasses, he’s a little spry old man”.  Yes!  A million times yes!  I see it too and knowing that let me capture just that.  Rock star!  I relate so much to this family, fun kids, similar age gaps, little old man boys named Jude, a home filled with love and chaos.  W family, you’ve now moved, but I hope these photos bring you back to all the happy times filled with love in your home.


I love every single thing about this photo <3  A daddy and his daughter get me every time.


A quick sneak peek for Miss Carmen….I love catching up with her each fall.  And oh boy, the location this morning was stunning, filled with southern charm and beautiful light.


Someone lost a tooth just in time for their family session tonight.  I love love love capturing kiddos with missing teeth!  Something about it makes me so nostalgic….the last of the baby things to pass by I guess.  I’ve been capturing Ava since she was in her momma’s tummy….doesn’t this feel like yesterday?!


We had a very austin family session this morning.  This location was *perfect* for Allyie, Wes and the boys!


This little cutie belongs to our neighbors across the street.  They have saved us so many times in the last year by helping out with the dogs.  When we made the trip to Alabama after my step dad passed away, they were more than willing to jump in and help out.  Kylie is getting older, she’s 17.5 and fading, so it’s really a big deal for her to be able to stay at home and be comfortable vs. going to boarding.  They took such good care of her and Maggie both.  It’s so nice to have amazing neighbors, thank you for all your help guys!  I hope you love your photos of your beautiful girl!

ps – we joked that her little tongue is like a pez dispenser…every time she smiled, out it popped!  So stinking cute!


I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard while editing.  The action shots of the family in front of the “i love you so much” wall had me cracking up for days.  Thank you P Family for an awesome session!


This moment of pure joy is brought to you by Zarrin and her parents, who were shaking their booties behind me to make her laugh.  Worked like a charm.


Joan’s birthday session….she’s turning 5!  A whole hand….a big deal!  When I mentioned to her while shooting that I’d known her for her whole life, that I was there the day she was born.  She said “You were?!?!  Was I pink and beautiful?!”  Yes, sweet girl, you were pink and beautiful.  And oh yeah, that post on the left, that’s her “signature” pose.


I first met this family in 2012 when I had the honor of photographing Kellan as a newborn.  His little brother gave his family a surprise and scare by arriving at just 32 weeks.  After a NICU stay, he finally got to go home and I was able to photograph him just 2 days after his original due date.  For a preemie, he did amazingly well at his session.   And his smooshy (it’s a word!) cheeks are just swoon worthy!  And Kellan is just the sweetest big brother ever.  Welcome earth side little one, you are so very loved.


The perfect little bump in my previous blog post turned out to be this perfect little beautiful baby girl.  She was sweet and just full of snuggles.  Thank you V family for asking me to capture such a precious time in your lives, it was an honor.  Congratulations on your beautiful daughter!

ps – The beautiful pink wrap used in this session was given to me by my brother-in-law.  He travels the world as a trainer for Chilis and came across a gorgeous handmade pink wrap in Turkey during one of his trips.  He brought it back to Texas for me and I finally found the perfect baby to wrap it up in, it’s just gorgeous!