We spent the biggest part of this day in bed, snuggling, reading, being lazy homeschoolers on break. All except Ty who is knee deep in to the 12th grade.




Lazy dogs sleeping inside the kids play tunnel. You should have seen Mags trying to get out of there. Silly dog looked like a giant in a doll house lol!


Oh happy day.

This is the day we told the 3 little kids about the new baby.  I have so many mixed emotions about this.  Joy, because our little one was so loved by ALL of us while with us.  Anticipated and loved.  There was so much excitement in the air.  Jude was so happy you’d have thought he won the lottery.  Then I have to second guess our decision to tell them, because they are suffering this loss right along with us.  The sorrow, the tears, the questions of why.  I know we did the right thing in telling them, but it’s so hard to mourn with them this time.  Everything looked great, it was time to tell them.


First flight lesson today.

He was barely on the ground when I had to ditch him at the airport and run off to a birth. Good thing I did, I barely made it in time. He was super understanding. Photog kid life.



He declared there was gluten on this and it needed to be washed. It’s a toy, no gluten, he cracks me up.


Always creating.  Kinda like her momma.


When you kick the dog and your punishment is literally watching paint dry. This seemed like a good plan but what dad got was a critic.


This guy got a new job and loves it – so proud of him!


Outside momma! Outside! All day, every day.


I took the kids out for a few shots because I needed something specific for a new gallery wall in our dining room. This one wasn’t the winner, but still a fave.


Sleepy puppy just before bed.