Pie Face, sweet face.  I can’t stop laughing.


My baby boy turned 8 today. We surprised him with the ultimate lego gift, the millenium falcon. He was SHOCKED!  When Jude was little, he was a very, very sick little boy.  Each year is a gift that we are so very thankful for.  He’s a tremendous blessing to our family.


Mar 21, 2016
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Gosh this is one of my new favorite photos.  I wanted to include it in my 366 but I took it on the 5th and had to have the photo of Jason and Taryn going to their last daddy daughter dance.  I had to come post it though….


Mar 21, 2016

Tea party frill.


Mar 21, 2016

My helper making a heart cake for our Valentine’s Day tea party.


This is his spot. He likes to hide out here and read, put together legos, enjoy dessert.


After school doghouse building. Getting them to work together is always a success.


Mar 21, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance.  She declared this the last year…bittersweet.


Teaching Textbooks for the win – Jude is loving math on the computer this year!


Preschool theme of the week is dogs. Jude taught Jonah how to build a lego dog!


Pepper is really loving the random table on the back porch. Silly dog.


Home educating in progress. First day of 5th grade, 3rd grade and Preschool