You guys, I laughed so much during this Love Light Night Session that I came home with a stomach ache. I’ve wanted to meet Alexis for years and we finally made it happen tonight. These two = hilarious!


It’s a beautiful spring day here in Austin and the perfect day to catch up with these sweet people!  I absolutely love central Texas in the spring!  Let this busy season begin!!


This little guy is going through a tough phase.  Our usual happy, easy going, independent little guy has been a clingy, whining total mess for the last few days.  I think he really needed a chiropractic adjustment because he was out of alignment.  It really helped and he was 90% better today.  I asked on facebook for gentle parenting advice and encouragement a couple of days ago and a bunch of the suggestions included a toddler Tula.  I sent Ty to the Natural Baby Co in Austin to grab the very last one on their shelf today and Jonah was quite the happy camper riding around on my back all afternoon.  Jase took over wearing him when he got home.  Hopefully with lots of love and reassurance (and an extra chiro adjustment tomorrow morning) he’ll be back to his happy self soon.


My baby girl has a green thumb. If she eats something with a seed you’ll soon see it wrapped up in a wet paper towel, stuffed in a baggie and taped to a window. Then a few days later, sprouting in a tin can. I love that about her.  We are so blessed that my mom bought the house next door and that she’s letting us put a garden in over there.  We can’t have one because we have a crazy wildabeast Maggie dog.  She’d eat everything.  You know, because vegetables taste better than the garden hoses and sprinkler heads she currently snacks on.  We are super excited to put have a vegetable garden this summer and planted seeds last weekend.  I think Taryn in particular is going to love it.

Who is the cutest little baby to ever be born on St. Patrick’s Day?

Raises hand….




My second favorite Taryn Elizabeth turned one today! I just love it when I get to photograph my little baby planners on their actual birthday!!

And because I’m a super mean photog….

“Waaaaahhhhhhh! My mom made me sit on this bridge on my birthday!”

Bwahahahaha. Oh baby girl, welcome to toddlerhood!


We rounded out our homeschool train week with a ride on the metro tonight. Little man loved it a lot.


farm homeschool preschool

Farm week was a big one for us.  For some reason I have a lot of farm stuff in my homeschool stash.  Plus the crafts and the field trip to Pioneer Farms, we had a blast!  I struggled with items to put in our E letter box, but a quick post on Instagram and followers came to my rescue with a few suggestions!  I added an envelope and an eraser after I took the pic.  We really enjoyed our field trip, but it was COLD.  We only made it about 1/2 around the farm in over an hour but I was impressed the kids lasted as long as they did.  We will definitely go back now that it’s warmed up and will take Jason with us.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Hebrew 13:18
Character Honesty
Letter of the Week Ee
Number of the Week 5
Shape Oval
Color Purple
Theme / Science Farm Animals
Physical Education Trotting
Health / Food Fiber / Eggplant
Sensory Farm Animal Box
Art Paper Plate Sheep
Music Old McDonald
Story Time Little Blue Truck
Play / Game Farm Beed Set
Field Trip Pioneer Farms
Additional Resources:
Count Number Farm
Footprint Horse
String a Farm
Open The Barn Door
Mr. Brown Can Moo
Paper Plate Pig
Handprint Chickens
Everybody Has An E Song
Uno Moo Matching Game
Farm Animal Block Puzzle
Around the Farm Sound Book
Giggle Giggle Quack
Click Clack Moo
Fold & Go Wooden Barn
Farm Animal Toob
Farm Felt Set
Letter E Storybots Song
5 Song Storybots
5 Little Monkeys
Farmland Math Bundle
Farm Animal Match Up
Farm Print Pack


These two have had a rough two days. Yesterday she was running through the house and accidently plowed over him. He hit the tile hard and busted his lip. With the amount of blood we thought he’d lost a tooth for sure (he didn’t thankfully). It’s still very sore today and every time he tried to eat he’d immediately ask for a hug. So pitiful. Then this afternoon while crafting Taryn walked off and left the hot glue gun on the edge of the counter. Mr. Nosey reached up for it and scorched his pinky finger. She felt so bad. Poor bubba has had a rough couple of days.


Spring in Texas brings sideways rain.

nature unit homeschool

This week was all about nature, trees, the earth, recycling and more.  We read a lot of books, explored nature and talked a lot about this beautiful world we live in.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Leviticus 17:16
Character Responsibility
Letter of the Week Dd
Number of the Week 4
Shape Rectangle
Color Green
Theme / Science Trees
Physical Education Climbing
Health / Food Molybdenum / Cucumber
Sensory Nature Box
Art Handprint Tree
Music The Earth Song
Story Time The Giving Tree
Play / Game Hiking treasure hunt
Field Trip Nature & Science Center
Additional Resources:
A Tree is a Plant
The Alphabet Tree
D Doodley Do Song
That’s a Rectangle Song
Trees Toob
Spot It Jr.
Earth Day Printables
What if everybody did that?
Our House is Round
Adventures of an Aluminum Can
Adventures of a Plastic Bottle
Michael Recycle
Why should I recycle?
I can save the earth


This session was scheduled for what turned out to be a very cold morning in January.  We only ventured outside for a minute or two before retreating inside.  It totally worked though because their home is filled with love.  This much love was easy to capture.  I really loved the photos of baby girl at the piano, both mom and dad are musicians so to include the piano in their session was just perfect.  I’m also a little partial to the little photographer images….swoon!