The light this evening was glorious, but it paled in comparison to how much love these four have for each other.  Little Owen is so lucky to join this family.  I’ll come share his newborn session soon.


I had a colorful morning on SoCo with my favorite Ms. Joan! She was rocking her poses this morning, so much fun!

Those big, bright, blue eyes, really are that amazing color. And I love how she’s loving on her sweet momma….


cedar_park_texas_family_photographer photographer_cedar_park_texas

Isn’t she a little beauty?!


Dixon is usually a grumpy old man. But he threw me a bone this morning and decided to smile for his session! 😉


Texas weather is not my friend. Super thankful for awesome clients who are willing to move their session from Sunday to Friday evening to avoid the potential rain! Now, watch it be sunny and gorgeous on Sunday. I couldn’t choose just one for a sneak peek so they get 5!

austin_family_photographerI can’t believe I’ve been photographing her for 8 years now!!  She’s 10 now and I love our sessions together.  I even got hugs and a “I love you Lyndsay!” or two.  THE BEST!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!


I just love their smiles!


Jude turned 8 in February.  I finally got around to taking his birthday photos in May.  And I’m just now getting around to blogging them at the end of August.  Behind much, Lyndsay?  Yes, indeed!  Life has pretty much been eating me alive in 2016.  After a serious foot injury that knocked me off my feet and every aspect of life for 5 months, getting my act together just hasn’t been possible.  But I’ve slowed down, and that needed to happen.  Anyway….my duder is 8!  Not a day goes by that we are not thankful to the Lord that he’s here with us, healthy and strong!  He’s this really beautiful, faith filled, caring, kind person that so many people strive to be.  I’ve never met anyone more empathetic than Jude.  I know those qualities will serve him well in life.


Ty graduated and can’t even tell you how proud of him are.  Time flies.  I don’t know how we are here already, but we blinked and he went from a baby to a grown man.  We got to celebrate his graduation and birthday all on the same day even!  After 19 years, I really think he’s taught me more than I’ve taught him.  I was just 2 years older then him when I had him, that’s hard to wrap my mind around!  I’m super proud of him and miss him like crazy – he’s already moved out and is on his own.  His high school years looked totally different than we all imagined, I never thought he’d come home and homeschool midway through, but I’m so glad he did!  God’s plan was so much bigger than ours!

Congrats Ty, you have a bright future ahead of you and we are so proud of the man you have become!


When Heather and I took Mike and Ty out for their senior photos, we had dinner afterwards.  While catching up she told me about how Daniel got a new puppy.  And how that he asked if he got to celebrate mother’s day because he is a single parent to new dog.  For real, how completely adorable is that?!  We decided to surprise him with a newborn session for Mother’s Day and oh my gosh, aren’t they just the cutest?!  Houston absolutely adores Dan and he adores her right back!  Ears flapping in the wind are pretty much my new favorite thing!


Mike is my dear friend (and our Midwife) Heather’s son.  And he’s also one of Ty’s best friends!  Heather and I decided it would be more fun to take the guys out together to do their senior photos and they did not disappoint!  Congrats on all of your accomplishments Mike, you’re a really great guy and I know your family is so very proud of you!