I have been wanting to do this for years and I finally got organized enough before busy season hit to actually pull it off this year.  I really enjoyed researching and looking for books that have a Christian, Jesus focused, tone to them.  I started buying books in September, a few a week to spread out the cost.  To save money, you could easily hit Half Price Books or other discount book stores.  I didn’t have a ton of time to enjoy the thrill of the hunt so I ordered most of mine online.  I ordered the number labels for each book from this Etsy seller.  Once all the books came in Jason and I sat down and wrapped them all in craft paper while watching a movie.  It really helped us to keep the focus on Jesus during such a busy time of year.  We had a total of 25 books, the 25th book being a children’s bible.  Both Ty and Taryn have their own bibles but Jude did not, so the 25th book was a specific gift for him.  Below is a list of the books we included in our advent.  Overall, it took a lot of planning on my part but it was so so worth it!  The kids really enjoyed it and so did we!   The best part is that come next Christmas we already have 24 books tucked away that we can enjoy again!

Room For A Little One

The Wonder of Christmas

The Little Shepherd Girl

What is Christmas?

The Something Wonderful

Mortimer’s Christmas Manger

The Little Drummer Boy

Song of the Stars

Christmas in the Manger

A Star for Jesus

This is the Stable

Christmas Angels

J is for Jesus

Humphrey’s First Christmas

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

Mary’s Christmas Story

The Christmas Story

The Pine Tree Parable

Happy Birthday Jesus

Bear Stays Up

One Shining Star

The Animals’ Christmas Eve

The Best Thing About Christmas

Who Is Coming To Our House?

A Child’s First Bible

All the books lined up made for a festive mantel, even before we decorated it!

Dec 25, 2013
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Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Photos by the awesome Libby Ann Photography

This sweet little family of 3 will be welcoming a new addition in 2014 and I couldn’t be more thrilled that I get to see them again!  I had fun hanging out with them at this family session this fall.  Capturing people at home is one of my faves.  A little peek-a-boo, lots of snuggles, a heap of love, a few stories and a cowboy hat.  Can’t beat that!

One of the best things I’ve done for my business and ultimately, for my clients, is have them complete a client survey.  I’m sure some of the questions seem pretty silly and “out there” but each one serves a purpose.  The answers allow me a little pre-glimpse in to a family, their dynamic, what makes them tic, what they love about each other.  Because my job is to ultimately capture what they love about each other and all the special little details that makes their family unique.  I’ve photographed this family several times, including two births and while I feel like I know and *get* them, this momma did a SPECTACULAR job filling out their client survey.  Her attention to detail about what she sees in her family helped me capture so many little details that might have otherwise been lost during our time together.  I saw them as I was shooting and the end result has all these little details of love.  From the first shot, to the last, I got to see them through their momma’s eyes.  THIS is why I love in home family sessions, the details, the space where a family lives and loves….it’s beautiful.

Y’all.  The chub.  The bum.  The rolls.  I cannot get enough of her.  I wanted to pinch her through my screen the whole entire time I was editing these….I mean….seriously!!  Chubalicious!!  This location has special meaning for mom and dad, it’s where they went to college, where they studied and ultimately, fell in love.  How fun to return with the new love of their life in tow.

I absolutely love this family.  They are so dear to me.  I loved photographing big brother when he was an brand new and was super excited when Mom let me know they were expecting again.  Their new baby girl is precious and so, so loved.  She seems to be a daddy’s girl and was happiest curled up on his chest, listening to his heart beat and snuggling.  I’m pretty sure both Mom and I teared up watching them.  Daddies and daughters, gets me every time.

I knew their newborn session was going to be great after meeting them for their maternity session.  This dad is a good photographer in his own right and I think my most favorite photo from this session is little miss in the stairway taking a few pics of her own.  So sweet.

My sweet baby boy turned one today.  It’s surreal to me that his first year has gone by so quickly, in a blink really.  He brought so much to our family, it’s like he’s always been here….I can’t remember us without him.  I woke up this morning to his groupies (Taryn and Jude) sneaking in our bedroom to whisper happy birthday in his ear.  He’s seriously the most easy going, happy go lucky baby I’ve ever met.  Happy Birthday to my little Mister…momma loves you.

It’s always a little bitter sweet when my baby planners graduate.  I loved seeing her grow and change over the first year.  I’m catching up on blogging right now so these were actually taken several months ago.  I’m thrilled I get to see her family for a fall session in a few weeks!  That first year brings SO many changes and milestones, each one worth capturing.  I have a few baby planner spots open for 2014, if you are on the fence, grab one, you won’t regret it!

The way my baby plans are set up, my clients usually opt for a mini session for maternity.  I love that Michelle and Phillip opted for a signature family session for their maternity photos, it was so fun for me to spend the extra time and capture their sweet little family.  While our goal was to capture Michelle’s pregnancy, we were also on a mission to get Phillip, who is usually behind the camera (and quite good at it too!), in the picture for a change.  The sweet little boy cooking in there will make an appearance on the blog very soon too!

Little Miss L is one of the most expressive babies I have ever photographed.  I always have to include her funny faces in her gallery and thankfully her parents love it.  She was only 3 months old here and already so much personality shining through.  Funny babies are the best!!

A flashback to spring, frolicking in the bluebonnets with 2 of my best girls.  This was a fun new location for me to shoot at, bluebonnets were scarce this year and I had to really go hunting to find some.  I love the shot of Joan on the roof.  In full disclosure, I did not put a child on the roof, it’s a cool building built in to the ground and on one side you can access the roof, it is a total of about 12 inches off the ground, they were safe the whole time, promise!