Star Wars at Hollywood Studios

For my crew Hollywood Studios was all about Star Wars.  Jude and Jonah did Jedi Training and it was so cool.  I will never forget Jonah’s face leading the parade and carrying the banner for all the trainees.  Pure joy!

Y’all. He was SO in to this. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. He was very serious about the force and when the door opened, it was the best. 😍 I’m so glad we jumped on this experience, it was a highlight watching him do Jedi Training!

We also took advantage of a lot of meet and greets!

When we walked out of this meet and greet I told Jonah “You got to hug Chewbacca!” He said “MOM! Chewbacca hugged ME!” 😂 Total fan kid moment 😍

The face of a 12 year old girl meeting her absolute favorite Star Wars character.

BB-8 was SO cool. It talks and moves. It even told us “Bye!” when we left!

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Disney with PTSD

Can you see Jonah and I smiling behind the Dumbo with the blue hat? I usually love all the rides, I’m a definite thrill seeker. But theme parks and ptsd are….hard. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to handle the crowds, lights and noise. But I did ok, most of the time. And I pushed myself to go on a ride with Jonah. It made him so happy and it was genuinely fun! I was pretty proud of this and thankful Jason snapped a pic in the moment.

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Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Day 1

Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a dream come true for my little wizards. Especially Jude. It’s like walking through the movie! He’d turn to catch my eye every time something really cool happened. It was the best. And the interactive wands were totally worth the splurge, highly recommend!

The phone booth was cool, you can call the Ministry of Magic. And of course my kids loved the dragon.

The talking head talked and had real time conversations with everyone.  It was hilarious!

One of our best days ever!

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Zachary wasn’t completely convinced with our decision to let Jonah drive 😂🤣 I cannot blame him lol!  The kids loved Legoland. I am so glad we went before Disney. The rides were smaller and it helped get their jitters out before being faced with bigger, more intense rides. This park day was Jude’s experience Christmas gift and we all had a lot of fun.

Jonah is our little adrenaline seeker. He went on every single ride he could. Tower of Terror, big roller coasters, spinning upside down rides, no big deal, he loved it. This photo pretty much describes his month lol. Man, I love this kid! He has no fear and lives a big life!


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