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This week was about one of our favorite things:  camping!  Actually, it was more like 2 weeks since we ventured out for some real life experiences in a cabin on the Frio River.  We always have a blast there and I took over 1,000 photos with my real camera (coming soon).  Instead of our usual sensory bin, we opted this week to do camping scenes that we made out of paper and other manipulatives.  I love that as the week went on they grew and changed and were moved all around.  Taryn and Jude also painted story stones.  You can see a video of Taryn telling part of her story using stones here.  I think Jonah’s favorite was the pretend campfire Taryn and I set up for him in the living room.  Complete with cotton ball marshmallows.  It was great practice for the real thing just a few days later.  I love that homeschooling gives us the flexibility to get out in to the world more.  To go, do, see, touch, travel and explore.

Daily Devotional Jesus Calling / 365
Bible Verse Matthew 6:24
Character Humility
Letter of the Week Mm
Number of the Week 13
Shape Star
Color Red
Theme / Science Camping!
Physical Education Hiking
Health / Food Almonds
Sensory Camping Sensory
Art Paint Walking Sticks
Music This Little Light
Story Time Curious George
Play / Game Pretend Fire Pit
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Day 129 | 365 Project


Our dog thinks she’s a person. While we were camping she insisted on tubing down the river on Ty’s lap. If we had her on the leash she’d whine constantly to go out with him. As soon as we let her go she’d go jump on. You know, cause it’s totally normal to tube down the river with a 60 lb dog on your lap. Crazy dog.

our fall camping trip | personal

I’m *finally* done editing these.  We took a big camping trip in the fall to celebrate Jason and Jonah’s birthdays.  Thankfully, my mom and Jason’s parents were able to make the trip.  Our last camping trip was a total blast so we were really looking forward to going again.  We made so many wonderful memories….stradtner_family_camping_trip_01

We stayed in different cabins during this trip because our usual ones were booked up.  It turned out to be a blessing because we had to drive down to the river and it was super easy access for my mom who had just had knee replacement surgery 2 weeks prior.  My favorite thing was sitting on the front porch first thing in the morning, with the kids piled on our laps in the rocking chairs, wrapped in blankets.  We were definitely thankful for beautiful weather – warm enough to swim during the day and cool enough to snuggle around the fire at night.  It was perfect.  The kids had fun playing in the river and spent hours skipping rocks.


Taryn is constantly asking to go fishing.  Fishing with her grandpa is a dream come true for my girl.  We didn’t catch much but we sure had fun making memories and chasing lost bobbers.  Taryn would go fishing every single day if she could!


Taryn wrote us wonderful stories to read around the fire.  And we sure enjoyed Jason’s mom and dad being just one cabin over.  Note to self:  buy more hammocks, my children battled over it and we definitely need more.


The grandmothers planned some fun activities for the kids.  One was a spiderweb maze.  It was intended for Taryn and Jude but Jonah ended up being really, really, good at it.  Turns out being short is a benefit, ha!


We also hit the state park.  The water was COLD and it took quite a while for all of us to get in.  The good news is that we were some of the only crazy people in there so the guys had the rope swing to themselves.  I had so much fun floating around with Jude shivering.


And then….my baby had his last day of being 1.  So bittersweet.  I love this little boy so much.  He really is our happy little camper….

stradtner_family_camping_trip_07 stradtner_family_camping_trip_08

And just like that – my baby is 2.  Time flies.  He had a wonderful birthday.  And somehow I managed to cook a grain free paleo cake in the woods.  And it was so good!  Next up was a scavenger hunt.  We broke up in to teams.

stradtner_family_camping_trip_09 stradtner_family_camping_trip_10

After 5 days, we were all missing our own beds.  But we had to make one last trip to the river before heading home.  I think we could live on the river and be perfectly happy.  Oh!  And Taryn lost a tooth!


Jonah loved his birthday gifts and spent so much time chasing his tractor on the porch.  We came home and I booked 2 camping trips for 2015.  It’s so great for our family to reconnect and spend time outdoors, away from technology.  I did a session with Jonah while we were there to celebrate his birthday – I’ll come share those next!!

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