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Up until recently all of Jonah’s homeschool preschool lessons have been very hands on.  We finally created an account for him on one of our homeschool computers and signed up for ABC Mouse.  He was pretty excited about it and took to using the mouse and keyboard for the first time really quickly.  I was so impressed.  And he thought he was pretty big doing school on the computer just like the big kids.

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I’m backtracking a bit here because I realized I never shared our family and maternity session from last fall with Libby Ann Photography.  It was SO windy on this day.  I can’t believe she caught anything of us, crazy gusts!  The location is so very special to us as well, just outside of the birth center that has provided care for Jonah’s birth, our 3 losses and my pregnancy with Zachary.  I made the sash and included 3 little angel charms to represent the 3 little angel babies we lost.  As hard as it is for me to put myself in front of the camera when I’m pregnant, I’m so very happy to have these.  They bring me back to a really happy time, anxiously awaiting the arrival of our baby boy.

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Zachary is a huge fan of being held.  Setting him down is against all the rules.  Swing, nope.  Rock and play during the day, nope.  Playmat, nope.  So, when I have to take a potty break, this is the scene, the big kids trying to calm him while I take 2.2 seconds to potty.  I think the longest stretch I’ve had that he wouldn’t let me put him down was 14 hours.  I had to remind myself a few times that these sweet newborn snuggles are fleeting!

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1 month old already | personal

In some ways, the first month flew by.  And in others it’s gone by very slowly.  Such is the newborn haze phase.  I’m still recovering very slowly from our birth experience, emotionally and physically.  But I love how much we have learned about him in the first month.  He’s a good sleeper and absolutely loves to nurse. Just like Jude at this age, he starting to lose his hair on the top. His super sized monster baby feet still make us laugh. One morning we woke up and his big toes were sticking out of his sleeper. He busted right through the seems! Oh, the biggest news, he threw a few really adorable smiles our way already! I love it that he scowls at us right before and right after he busts out a smile. Funny baby! We love that he is starting to react to us more and have more waking hours. The big kids are counting the days until they can make him laugh while Momma and Daddy are embracing these fleeting days of him being so sweet and small.

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