Beauty and the Beast

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My one Disney regret is that we didn’t do more shows. We saw Beauty and the Beast on our last day and it was fantastic! It made me wish we’d have done more. Next time, for sure! I will never forget Zachary’s expression of shock and awe when the beast appeared from behind the curtain! His jaw dropped and he quickly looked around to check if others were shocked too. 😂

tap tap tap

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Whose idea was it to change every single thing about our lives in the middle of busy season?! Man, overwhelmed doesn’t being to describe it all.

I’m currently writing this from our truck as we travel from Dallas to San Antonio. It’s a longer travel day than we prefer, but our trip to Dallas was somewhat unexpected in timing. Let me back up a bit first. We had plans to go fulltime in to the camper in October. Those plans changed quickly as Ty ended up needing to move in to the house 10 days before we were to be completely out. It was fine, but pretty chaotic to take on with my […]

Oh buddy | personal

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Oh buddy.  I love that this is your new favorite way to nap on your daddy.  And can we have a moment to just soak in how fabulous his lips, cheeks and eyelashes are in that last photo?  Yup, I’m obsessed.

A not so mini, mini | Georgetown Texas Family Photographer

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This is my second year photographing this family.  I thought they couldn’t get any cuter.  Totally wrong!  I don’t think I’ve ever met 4 children who were so so sweet to one another and well behaved.  They make photographing them feel so easy!  They are also the owners of Tequila 512, an amazing Austin based company!  Go check them out!

a puppy and a stink eye | austin family and pet photographer

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When you see on facebook that your client is getting a new puppy and you immediately send an email to make sure said puppy will be attending their upcoming session.  Their puppy could not be any cuter either!  The kids weren’t so sure just yet but man, so very cute!  Taryn and Tino are getting so big.  And can we talk for just a minute about that stink eye Taryn threw out toward the end of the session??  I was laughing so hard.  Mostly because my own Taryn throws out that stink eye on at least a daily basis….hahahaha!

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