While we have had a pretty traditional kitchen for over 12 years, I didn’t dive in to gluten free sourdough until late last year.  And then I got hurt.  Taryn and Jason took over care of our “dough baby” as Jason lovingly called it.  We use it almost daily, replacing many store bought products.  Gluten free varieties tend to be filled with equally hard to digest ingredients so I was very happy to get rid of a lot of what we were purchasing.  There are so many benefits to eating sourdough! Because it’s fermented, it’s easier to digest and the nutrients are more readily absorbed.  Acquiring more of these essential nutrients supports blood cell production, energy metabolism, immune system activation and more.  Whole grain sourdough has a lower glycemic index.  It’s also an easy and delicious way to enjoy baked goods without eggs if someone in your family is allergic or sensitive.

A few weeks ago there was a miscommunication in the kitchen and our dough baby was killed.  Thankfully, I had dehydrated some starter for a friend and kept some for myself, just in case.  I wanted to wait until after cubing nationals to restart it, as it’s a little high maintenance in the first 5 days.  Today is the day!  Sourdough baby is back!  I am using rehydration directions from Homestead and Chill.  It’s not specific to gluten free but the process is the same, I just use my dehydrated gf starter and organic brown rice flour.  Hoping it’ll be live, bubbly and happy in just a few days time!!

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