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1.  It’s not Tuesday, but I’m happy to be blogging.  I’m working a ton of hours right now, busy season is in full force!!  I’m trying so hard this year to blog all my wonderful clients.  Last year a bunch never got blogged.  I’m trying to do better this year 🙂

2.  Taryn went back to school for the first time since August on Monday.  She did amazingly well, we are so proud of her.  Their class Halloween party was held yesterday.  There are 13 kids in her class and only 4 girls including her.  The costume party produced 3 princesses and one buzz lightyear in the girl corner.  She makes me smile and I love that she is who she is.  That’s my girl!!


The class photos and the parade photos are a riot but I can’t share them since other people children appear and I don’t have their permission to post.

3.  This crazy monkey was there too….I was a bit concerned he’d be all up in everything.  He was.  He’s a mess, but a fabulous mess.


I think he forgot that he wasn’t wearing his karate costume a few times.  He may or may not have karate chopped an innocent princess and a pirate.

4.  After the parade and photos of the kids at the pumpkin patch, we left Taryn to enjoy the party with the rest of the class.  Teagan and I headed out to enjoy some retail therapy at Target.  Little dude partied too hard that morning and after battling bobble head for a good 10 minutes, fell asleep face down in the cart.  iphone pic….


I decided to pick up a pizza from Target and we went out to the lake to eat lunch, yell at the ducks and wait for it to be time to go pick up T.


you can practically hear it through the photo can’t ya?  ddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!


5.  Even with all of our duck calling, we were still a few minutes early to pick up Taryn so we played on the playground outside her classroom.  Teagan was all over the slide….


6.  What ensued just a few moments later will go down in history as the motherload of all toddler hissy fits (to date) at our house.  I told him to go down the slide one more time and then we would go inside and get his sister.  One more time came and went so I grabbed his chubby little hand to lead him inside.  He immediately turned into limp noodle baby and hit the dirt.  I tried to pick him up and he went from limp noodle baby to 2×4 baby is 0.03 seconds flat.  I’m trying to calm him down and tell him we’ll come right back out to the slide after we get Taryn….we’ll come back to the slide, come on buddy, let’s go find Taryn!  Nope.  Not.  Having.  It. He wiggled away from me, arms flailing all around, feet kicking, flops himself over, face down in the wet mulch and starts making an angry toddler mulch angel.  I rode it out for about 45 seconds then started talking to him again in a calm voice.  He got up, only because he was mad he was all muddy and his arms were covered in mulch (which he hates, even though he loves to dig in it at home, go figure).  At this point I look up to see a few other moms standing around and grinning that all knowing “oh I’ve been there” smile.  I marveled at the mulch angel and his form for a second, considered taking an iphone pic of it, then noticed he was composing himself and didn’t want to risk another meltdown.  I started walking towards the classroom.  Thankfully Teagan followed right behind after I took a few steps, mad about the mulch, shaking his head and finger “no no” and fussing at me.  Yeah dude, whatever, totally my fault?!  Anyone want to share a good hissy fit story??

7.  I think we need to start using a chore chart with Taryn.  Maybe this one.  She’s not into doing her chores here lately just by us asking, I’m thinking she’d be all about a chart though.

8.  The kids and I made Halloween puppets this morning.  A spider, a witch and a Frankenstein.  We’ll be putting on a puppet show for daddy and Ty tonight after I get home from a session.  Can’t wait.  I want to do this project with them soon, just need to find the time!

9.  After our puppet making, I cleaned up, made a few trips to the trash and then found this:

Vaguely reminds me of this on a much smaller scale.  Oh gosh that link cracks me up now.  Then, not so much.  But now, it’s hilarious.  And in case you’re wondering, his favorite word right now is “yeah”. The kid is obsessed with writing, coloring, drawing. He wakes up talking about it quite often, it’s all he wants to do.

10.  I saw this amazing video posted on facebook a few times and cried like a baby each time.  Heartbreaking, emotive and yet another reminder for all of us to get in the picture.  Photos are our tangible memories.  When we’re gone, they will remain.  Get in the picture people.  I’ll be taking my own advice this weekend when our family photos are taken.  And I don’t even care if I look chubby, or if my hair is flat….my kids will have photos of me happy, involved, LOVING THEM.

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a few things…. | austin photographer

1. i am going to be adding  A LOT  of stuff to the for sale page very, very soon.  toddler girl clothes, halloween costumes, pottery barn bedding and a bunch of girls coats.  be sure to check back for it!

2.  my husband has started a blog.  ’tis true.  i’m calling him out because the secret is that this isn’t the first time.  but it didn’t stick.  i’ve encouraged him so many times to blog.  so i’m calling him out this time so it’s all public and out there in hopes he’ll keep at it.  i think he’s got a lot of valuable things to say.  if he posts more than a few times i’ll come back and share the link…..no pressure hon.  😉

3.  little t is having a rough day.  we’re one week out and it’s been a tough two days.  i believe the scabs are starting to come off (sorry, i know that’s sorta gross, but i’m a mom and the word scab doesn’t scare me).  she’s had a lot of pain.  to make matters worse, the damage done to the inside of her mouth from a blotched intubation is horrible for her.  her cheeks on the inside and her tongue are just so painful. she’s not eating at all.  no ice cream, no soft foods.  a few bites a day and it’s scaring us.  i weighed her this morning and she’s down 7 lbs.  i really feel like we’ve tried it all.  every angle, every tactic, every food choice.  she just cried herself to sleep for her nap in my arms and it’s heartbreaking.  i’m ready for my girl to be better.

4.  did you know that if you are running adobe bridge that you should go in and empty the cache files out every now and then?  i had no clue and had never done this.  looking at the cache files there was some OLD OLD OLD stuff in there.  cleaning it out improved the speed that my bridge runs and performance times about a million.  holy wow am i working faster now!  bridge was literally at a standstill and i couldn’t even get it to run.  i had no clue it put all the thumbnails and previews into my library….although it makes sense.  to clear yours, open bridge > click on Adobe Bridge (version) at the top menu bar > preferences > a box will pop up and click on ‘cache’ from the menu on the left > purge.  yeah, mine was over 1.5 GB, big.

5.  this cracks me up.  “MOMMA!!!!  I SEE CAKE!!”


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crack up

We do little interviews every so often with Taryn asking her questions about her name, her favorite color, her best friend, etc.  I’m not even sure what to say to this little gem.  Except of course that she is a total crack up.

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kung poo in action

I realize I should not be encouraging this, but I had to capture it.  This is what we live with, all day, everyday.  Kung Poo Panda as she calls it.  She’s got moooooves.  It’s pretty funny when I instigate it and I’m ready for it, but when I’m minding my own business and get sneak attacked from behind 862 times a day, not so funny.

Not long after this video, Teagan karate chopped her in the eye and gave her a shiner.  I think we’ve got to put a stop to the Kung Poo.  Or at least try.  She ratted herself out with Sponge Bob too, she knows better and you can see it on her face.  During her moves, she totally cracks me up though, her face is so serious!

Oh, and my MOM gets here tomorrow!!  Yipppeeeee!!

Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY….and go read the comments of everyone who entered! There is some gooooood stuff in there, total crack up!

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workin it

After a long morning, it was (((finally))) naptime.  After quite a bit of encouraging I shuffled Taryn in to her room to lay down….

Taryn:  Mom, you NEED to read me a book.

Mom:  Taryn, it’s not nice to tell mommy what to do.  You should ask nicely.

Taryn:  But you NEED to read me a book RIGHT NOW.

Mom:  Taryn, I’m not going to read you a book unless you can ask politely.  It makes mommy sad when you talk to me that way.

Taryn:  OH!  Well then I will give you a hug.

((((Insert big, squeezin’ filled with love hug here))))

Taryn:  Oh mommy, I will help you feel better….((((she rubs my cheek and smiles up at me with her big blue eyes))))….are you happy now??

Mom:  Yes, that was very sweet T.

Taryn:  Good, cause you need to read me a book right now.


I did an interview with her the other day….I used to do this with Ty every so often when he was little.  His answers always involved batman and spiderman in some way, shape or form.  Boys and girls are so different.  I love love love the way she “thinks”.  And I love where she lives.  And somehow Jase got ‘credit’ for working so much, not sure how that happened when it’s probably the other way around when we add it all up.  I love her.  She’s my fabulous mess….

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dudes got moves | austin photographer

a couple of notes….

we don’t normally let teagan watch this close to the tv, just for video sake 😉

excuse my messy house.

i can’t stand the way i laugh.

i edited out the part where taryn karate chopped me in the head kungfoo style.

i believe taryn has ants in her pants.

and a chocolate milk mustache.

and bed head.

she’s pretty much a mess.

but the dude, he’s got some mad moves.

i am now going back to being a vegetable on the couch (i had oral surgery this morning – ick).

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Dear Gee….

While sending our 11 year old a FOUR PAGE list of practical jokes to play on people makes you the best Gee Gee in the entire world, it doesn’t make you the most popular mom and mom-in-law. Let’s just say he had it coming. He was due.

This makes me laugh so hard I can barely even stand it. Ty did not, and does not, think this was funny. At all.

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WE WON!  And we are THRILLED!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who voted!!



I’m so proud of Ty, award winning at the age of 10!!  He rocks!  You can see the announcement here.  We’re still in disbelief!  When I found out both Taryn and Teagan were napping so I did a huge and quiet happy dance right in the middle of the living room!  Then I started speed dialing family!  Ty got off the bus about an hour after I found out and I decided to tape his reaction on the sly.  He thought I was taping Teagan’s new laugh when he came in from outside.  He was just a tad excited….excuse my dorky laugh, it’s genuine though….



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odds and ends from this week

So her, I love it when she sits like this…she does it all the time.


So them.  Every night, after baths, they rock, its their time.  Love my boys.


Out of the blue, she started counting to 5 in Spanish.  She’s an amazing sponge.  Thank you Dora the Explorer 😉


My girl…it was a bit of a rough week for her.  Being 2 is tough stuff.



A glimmer of a grin.


And finally, a bit of the real thing, in real time!


Happy Weekend!

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We’re just giddy

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