After a long morning, it was (((finally))) naptime.  After quite a bit of encouraging I shuffled Taryn in to her room to lay down….

Taryn:  Mom, you NEED to read me a book.

Mom:  Taryn, it’s not nice to tell mommy what to do.  You should ask nicely.

Taryn:  But you NEED to read me a book RIGHT NOW.

Mom:  Taryn, I’m not going to read you a book unless you can ask politely.  It makes mommy sad when you talk to me that way.

Taryn:  OH!  Well then I will give you a hug.

((((Insert big, squeezin’ filled with love hug here))))

Taryn:  Oh mommy, I will help you feel better….((((she rubs my cheek and smiles up at me with her big blue eyes))))….are you happy now??

Mom:  Yes, that was very sweet T.

Taryn:  Good, cause you need to read me a book right now.


I did an interview with her the other day….I used to do this with Ty every so often when he was little.  His answers always involved batman and spiderman in some way, shape or form.  Boys and girls are so different.  I love love love the way she “thinks”.  And I love where she lives.  And somehow Jase got ‘credit’ for working so much, not sure how that happened when it’s probably the other way around when we add it all up.  I love her.  She’s my fabulous mess….