I realize I should not be encouraging this, but I had to capture it.  This is what we live with, all day, everyday.  Kung Poo Panda as she calls it.  She’s got moooooves.  It’s pretty funny when I instigate it and I’m ready for it, but when I’m minding my own business and get sneak attacked from behind 862 times a day, not so funny.

Not long after this video, Teagan karate chopped her in the eye and gave her a shiner.  I think we’ve got to put a stop to the Kung Poo.  Or at least try.  She ratted herself out with Sponge Bob too, she knows better and you can see it on her face.  During her moves, she totally cracks me up though, her face is so serious!

Oh, and my MOM gets here tomorrow!!  Yipppeeeee!!

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