1. i am going to be adding  A LOT  of stuff to the for sale page very, very soon.  toddler girl clothes, halloween costumes, pottery barn bedding and a bunch of girls coats.  be sure to check back for it!

2.  my husband has started a blog.  ’tis true.  i’m calling him out because the secret is that this isn’t the first time.  but it didn’t stick.  i’ve encouraged him so many times to blog.  so i’m calling him out this time so it’s all public and out there in hopes he’ll keep at it.  i think he’s got a lot of valuable things to say.  if he posts more than a few times i’ll come back and share the link…..no pressure hon.  😉

3.  little t is having a rough day.  we’re one week out and it’s been a tough two days.  i believe the scabs are starting to come off (sorry, i know that’s sorta gross, but i’m a mom and the word scab doesn’t scare me).  she’s had a lot of pain.  to make matters worse, the damage done to the inside of her mouth from a blotched intubation is horrible for her.  her cheeks on the inside and her tongue are just so painful. she’s not eating at all.  no ice cream, no soft foods.  a few bites a day and it’s scaring us.  i weighed her this morning and she’s down 7 lbs.  i really feel like we’ve tried it all.  every angle, every tactic, every food choice.  she just cried herself to sleep for her nap in my arms and it’s heartbreaking.  i’m ready for my girl to be better.

4.  did you know that if you are running adobe bridge that you should go in and empty the cache files out every now and then?  i had no clue and had never done this.  looking at the cache files there was some OLD OLD OLD stuff in there.  cleaning it out improved the speed that my bridge runs and performance times about a million.  holy wow am i working faster now!  bridge was literally at a standstill and i couldn’t even get it to run.  i had no clue it put all the thumbnails and previews into my library….although it makes sense.  to clear yours, open bridge > click on Adobe Bridge (version) at the top menu bar > preferences > a box will pop up and click on ‘cache’ from the menu on the left > purge.  yeah, mine was over 1.5 GB, big.

5.  this cracks me up.  “MOMMA!!!!  I SEE CAKE!!”