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a couple of notes….

we don’t normally let teagan watch this close to the tv, just for video sake 😉

excuse my messy house.

i can’t stand the way i laugh.

i edited out the part where taryn karate chopped me in the head kungfoo style.

i believe taryn has ants in her pants.

and a chocolate milk mustache.

and bed head.

she’s pretty much a mess.

but the dude, he’s got some mad moves.

i am now going back to being a vegetable on the couch (i had oral surgery this morning – ick).

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Dear Gee….

While sending our 11 year old a FOUR PAGE list of practical jokes to play on people makes you the best Gee Gee in the entire world, it doesn’t make you the most popular mom and mom-in-law. Let’s just say he had it coming. He was due.

This makes me laugh so hard I can barely even stand it. Ty did not, and does not, think this was funny. At all.

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WE WON!  And we are THRILLED!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who voted!!



I’m so proud of Ty, award winning at the age of 10!!  He rocks!  You can see the announcement here.  We’re still in disbelief!  When I found out both Taryn and Teagan were napping so I did a huge and quiet happy dance right in the middle of the living room!  Then I started speed dialing family!  Ty got off the bus about an hour after I found out and I decided to tape his reaction on the sly.  He thought I was taping Teagan’s new laugh when he came in from outside.  He was just a tad excited….excuse my dorky laugh, it’s genuine though….



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odds and ends from this week

So her, I love it when she sits like this…she does it all the time.


So them.  Every night, after baths, they rock, its their time.  Love my boys.


Out of the blue, she started counting to 5 in Spanish.  She’s an amazing sponge.  Thank you Dora the Explorer 😉


My girl…it was a bit of a rough week for her.  Being 2 is tough stuff.



A glimmer of a grin.


And finally, a bit of the real thing, in real time!


Happy Weekend!

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We’re just giddy

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