the birth of maddie-rose | austin birth photographer

this is the one i was really afraid i wouldn’t make it in time.  i’m always a bit nervous when i’m on call for a birth that i won’t make it.  i try to be ready to go on a moments notice.  but this one, i was really nervous.  noelle walked around for weeks at 4+ cm dialated.  i jumped every time my phone rang.  i’m so thankful that it worked out i got to be there.  a-maz-ing birth experience.  i cried when she was born.  and when i was proofing.  and when i finished the slideshow.  yeah, i’m a sap, but it really was just that amazing.  this birth experience was fast.  and intense.  and filled with emotion.  and love.  i hope i have captured that.

click here:  the birth of maddie-rose

her water broke at 9:30 and by 11:17 maddie-rose was here.  that’s fast.  the labor was intense, noelle barely had a few seconds to recoup between contractions and she’d be overcome with another one even more intense than the last.

this is also the first birth that i had the joy of working with doula, emily bessey.  when noelle first started telling me about emily she said i would love her and she was right!  her demeanor, her calming voice, she was awesome during the entire birth, but especially when things got very intense.  she was cool, calm and collected and knew exactly how to support noelle and her husband.  i was impressed!  if you are in the austin area and looking for a doula, i highly recommend her, i’d hire her in a heartbeat, except for i’m done birthing babies.  i would love to have her come talk me down and keep me sane when the 5 o’clock witching hour hits with my three kids though…now there is an idea…a parenting doula!  an untapped market!!

and the music!  turn those speakers up loud….the music rocks!  a huge thank you to balmorhea for allowing us to use their music for this slideshow.  i have fallen in love with so many of their songs and have become a huge fan!  they just released a new album in march called “all is wild, all is silent” and this song is on that album.  you can check it out on their site or download their album on itunes.

and finally, to noelle and brad……thank you for inviting me to capture the birth of your beautiful daughter.  it was an honor.  and thank you as well for letting me share your birth experience, i appreciate it!

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rock the hawk | austin photographer

Teagan has taken us on quite a wild ride with his hair.  He was born with some, not tons, but some.  Then it fell out.  Then much to our surprise (since Taryn was bald for sooooo long), a bunch of fuzz popped up.  Little dude had an all natural mohawk.  We embraced it, it is just soooooo him.  Such a juxtaposition, sweet lovey little baby, rock star hair.  We’ve been talking for awhile about getting it cut, it was getting so long in the front, growing out and little strays were coming down into his eyes.  Let me just say here that I never dreamed I’d be a mom who would give their baby a mohawk.  And I will openly admit that I’ve silently judged those moms in the grocery store, assuming they were using their child as a way of some form of self expression.  But, now my kid has a mohawk, and people can think whatever they want, cause this isn’t about us….it is just so him. So off we went this morning to Birds Barber Shop, only the coolest place to get rock star hair in Austin (and a fellow best of austin winner!!).  They specialize in hawks.

I love this before shot, belly hanging out, looking all big….

he was pretty happy….

sat in the chair with his daddy, life is good

a little curious about it all ((and see, I was there too!))


he was not a fan of the smock.  hated it.  notice the lip.  not a happy camper.  it pretty much went downhill from there.

hold up.  let’s zoom in a little just to get the full effect of all that pitifullness…..

oh the tears.  the drama.  the look of betrayal.  how could you?

thankfully, he was ok once the smock came off….he tried to hold a grudge during his after shot

but he can’t resist me.  ok, so he can’t resist the camera.  I can at least pretend it’s me he can’t resist….

the hawk is back baby!!

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babies, babies, everywhere | austin newborn photographer

I swear there is a baby boom going on in Austin right now!  Everywhere I look I see pregnant mommas and brand new little babies!  My March and April calendars are packed with birth and newborn sessions….I’m in heaven.

This little guy was soooo good for his session today.  I love hearing how little ones come in to the world and this one gave his family a run for their money.  He made his grand appearance only 17 minutes after getting to the hospital!  Crazy huh?!  He just looks so sweet and innocent….

his mom and i had a conversation about our mutual love of teeny, tiny, curly toed, flakey little feet….

he loved being outside too…and I’m so happy things are turning green again!

Congrats again you guys, hope you like your sneak peek!  I’ll be in touch with much more very soon =)

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2 | austin birth photographer

welcome to the world little ones….

congrats h family and thank you for allowing me the honor of photographing their very first day.  twenty fingers, twenty little toes and a family that is just bursting with joy and love over their arrival, it was awesome.  i can’t wait until their first official portrait session in just a few days….

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ch ch ch changes | austin children’s photographer

Almost exactly two years ago, I got a new camera and Ty and I went out exploring, giving the 5D a good breakin.  Not planned, but we did the same thing yesterday.  Can you believe how much he’s grown and changed???

Ty’s not the only thing that has changed….Several weeks ago I bought a new camera, I don’t think I’ve told y’all that.  It’s already gotten a pretty good workout (this session and Teagan’s birthday I haven’t proofed yet).  I’m totally in love with it.  Worth every single penny and I’m super excited about the changes the new video technology will bring to my business.  It will take some time to work out the kinks but where I am going is bright and vivid in my mind…..I.CANNOT.WAIT.

I’ve got a new website in the works too!  It’s still a baby and needs lots of love and attention…but I am so excited to be working on it and will share soon =)

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trying to do better | austin family photographer

So I’ve been really bad about not sharing more than sneak peeks from sessions since (cough couch) October.  I’ve said so many times I will come back and feature those sessions and just haven’t found the time yet.  And then I put off featuring the ones I’ve had recently cause I haven’t done the other ones….enter vicious cycle.  I’ve decided to add it to my workflow, as I place orders with the lab and package everything up to go out to my clients, I vow to come back and share more favorites from the sessions.  There are so many images I love that I don’t share and there just isn’t enough room on my website for them all….starting today….put your feet up and get ready for lots of sharing!

One of the cutest little families in Austin.  I was supposed to photograph the birth of this little beauty last summer and it didn’t work out, but man oh man am I happy I got to meet up with them for her 6 month photos….I LOVE this age, so happy, so immobile.  They showed up ready to relax and have a good time, love that.  I’m pretty sure they hold the Life in Motion Photography record for fastest placed order at just under 12 minutes and 20 seconds with a “that was easy, we’ll take them all!”  LOL!

showing a little daddy love….

mommy’s turn!

I could sit and listen to this momma talk all day long….she has the coolest accent ever.

FAVE FAVE FAVE!  I don’t know a mother out there that hasn’t felt just like this, love that I captured it.  Pure joy!


I already posted this one in their sneak peek, but I love it so much here it is again!  It’s already been posted on the front page of my website too!   😉

love this one too!

This was such a fun and easy session, I can’t wait to meet up with them again in a few months.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be posting more session images as I work through packaging up more orders this week!

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